YOGY ft. Natho - Hooligan

  • Artist: YOGY
  • Track: Hooligan
  • Producer: Enon
  • Album: 88'Hooligan

If you call Booth newcomer YOGY a Hooligan, he'll accept the label with pride. As the Oakland emcee makes clear on his latest promo single, his antisocial behavior is simply a matter of doing what it takes to survive in a hostile environment. Enon crafts a stark, dissonant synth/percussion beat to accompany the headliner's gritty bars, as well as those of Byond Dope Posse colleague Natho. YOGY and Natho link up with Photo B and Plex to direct the cut's creative, neon-tinted cinematic accompaniment. The artist's '88Hooligan LP currently lacks a drop date, but we'll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.