Yonas - Living In the Sky

  • Artist: Yonas
  • Track: Living In the Sky
  • Producer: Animal House Productions
  • Album: Unreleased

You’d think that after the release of his highly rated album, The Proven Theory, and being chosen to close out our long-standing Freestyle Series Yonas would be Living in the Sky, but despite the title of his new world premiere he’s actually got his feet firmly grounded. How else could he make such a relatable record? The uptempo beat, which picks up some serious speed on the back end, comes courtesy of Animal House (RIP Jim Belushi), whom I’ll have to ask if those kids singing is a sample or an original. Either way it’s the Bronx emcee's flow and triumphant lyrics that elevate Sky to an uplifting anthem. Elevate? Uplifting? Get it? Nevermind, just press play and prepare to get lifted, and receive some sage advice in the process: “Reality is tough be careful when you pretend / the world’s forever shady be careful who you befriend.” While not attached to any larger project, from The Proven Theory to the aforementioned exclusive frestyle (coming next week!) fans have no shortage of additional Yonas material to choose from.



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