Young Buck - Hip Hop Can't Save Me (Freestyle)

  • Artist: Young Buck
  • Track: Hip Hop Can't Save Me (Freestyle)
  • Producer: Soundtrakk [for 1st & 15th]
  • Album: Unreleased

This past February, Lupe Fiasco's single Hip Hop Saved My Life was featured on the DJBooth, telling the story of a rapper's rapid rise to the top (the single also rose to become one of our higest-rated songs ever). But what if the aspiring MC in the story had not risen to the top so quickly and instead gone through further struggles before he got his shine? Nashville native and G-Unit member Young Buck gives us his version, describing how that rapper missed out on a big opportunity, leading him to realize that maybe Hip-Hop Can't Save Me. Not willing to let him just give up on his dream, Buck encourages the kid to keep his hopes up; another chance might not be too far away.