Young Buck - The Taped Conversation

  • Artist: Young Buck
  • Track: The Taped Conversation
  • Album: Unreleased

On Tuesday, a lengthy phone conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent surfaced online. Recorded by Curtis, and featured on his website, the audio reveals an emotional Buck, pleading with his former G-Unit boss to return to the group “they all built.” As the chat deepens in seriousness, Buck starts to weep uncontrollably and is halfheartedly consoled by 50. Now, less than 48 hours later, Buck has responded to the media blitz with a track entitled The Taped Conversation. On the response record, Buck reveals that the conversation…drum roll please…took place almost a year ago. Though both 50 Cent and Buck have denied requests for an interview, expect new details and records to filter through the Booth. The G-Unit (with Buck included) will drop their new album, Terminate on Sight, on July 1.