Young Capone ft. Fabo - Bolegged

  • Artist: Ra Ra
  • Track: Bolegged ft. Fabo
  • Feat. Fabo
  • Producer: Mr. ColliPark
  • Album: Caponeville

When someone walks "bowlegged" it means their legs curve outward at the knees. Now "medically speaking" being bowlegged is usually the result of poor physical condition, but there also "other" reasons a woman's legs could be, ummm, bent back. Confused? Just ask rappers Young Capone and Fabo (of D4L); they'll be more than glad to explain why they like their women Bolegged (of course they had to change the spelling). Produced by Mr. ColliPark the beat is a simple synth-melody, accompanied by the chants of Fabo’s “Ohh” in the background. Following So So Def president Jermaine Dupri's move from Virgin Records to Def Jam, Young Capone has unfortunately been left out high and dry. On the bright side though, he knows what he wants in a wife!