Young Dro - I'm Sick'Ud

  • Artist: Young Dro
  • Track: I'm Sick'Ud
  • Producer: Get Cool
  • Album: Young & Restless

Picking up where he left off on Best Thang Smokin', Grand Hustle's Young Dro drops his latest single I'm Sick'Ud. Once again, Dro is found rapping about the usual topics: money, cars, diamonds and girls. However on this go around he adds everything he's "sick'ud," from jealous haters and obsessive groupies to weed that falls out of the blunt before it can be smoked. Dro is basically looking to move his career up to a new level, analogies aside. With partial thanks to Get Cool's keyboard/synthesizer production, I'm Sick'Ud should be a kick-start towards that goal. Dro looks to start that climb when his sophomore album, tentatively titled Young & Restless, drops in February 2008.