Young Jeezy - Crazy World

  • Artist: Jeezy
  • Track: Crazy World
  • Producer: Midnight Black
  • Album: The Recession

Optimistic economists refuse to admit that the United States is in a recession. Despite the outrageous cost for fuel and a spike in unemployment, they claim we’re doing all right. They are liars. If you want the real truth about the state of the economy, look no further than rapper Young Jeezy’s forthcoming project. Although the Atlanta native hasn’t turned into a reincarnation of Public Enemy, a quick listen to the newest leak from his forthcoming album and his political agenda is apparent. On Crazy World, Jeezy criticizes several laws and accuses President Bush of screwing over hood folk. Man, I would love to see him make an appearance in Congress. Def Jam will release The Recession this September.
Note: The streaming of “Crazy World” has temporarily been suspended.