Young Keno ft. Jim Jones - Fast Life

  • Artist: Young Keno
  • Track: Fast Life ft. Jim Jones
  • Feat. Jim Jones
  • Producer: Rome
  • Album: This Is Not A Game

LA's Young Keno may be an indie emcee, but that doesn't stop him from spending like there's no tomorrow. On the new single off his upcoming debut album, he hooks up with the king of conspicuous consumption, Dipset's Jim Jones, for a musical tribute to the Fast Life. With necks full of ice and pockets full of bills, Keno and Jones celebrate their prosperity in the most public way possible, gassing up their spruced-up, snow-white coupe and heading down to the club to pop a few bottles. Rome provides an appropriately swagger-laden soundtrack to the iced-out revelry, complete with handclap percussion and plenty of glossy synths. This paper-stacking single should be just the thing to build buzz for Keno's debut album, This Is Not A Game, which is set to hit stores this summer.