Mike Dreams - Speaks Down Low

  • Artist: Mike Dreams
  • Track: Speaks Down Low
  • Producer: Teddy Roxpin
  • Album: Counting Sheep Series (Week 1)

In the first installment of his Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep... Countdown to Dreamer's Poetry Series, indie emcee and site member Young Son reminds hip-hop lovers that social responsibility starts in the whip. In a decidedly unconventional twist on the street banger formula, the Minneapolis up-and-comer serves up a hard-hitting cut meant to be enjoyed with your Speaks Down Low. Delivering more of the insightful, left-of-center lyricism fans have come to expect, he addresses the real-life consequences of stereotypical “gangster” behavior—in his own words, “Everybody always wants to be loud, boisterous and ignorant rolling thru the block, and that ultimately leads to conflict.“ Producer Teddy Roxpin's keyboard and handclap instrumental, of course, demands to be played full-blast, but be considerate and save that for headphone listening sessions (try not to damage your hearing, though). Listeners can look forward to more exclusive cuts every Tuesday leading up to the May release of Young Son's sophomore studio album, Dreamer's Poetry.