Mike Dreams - Success Is...

  • Artist: Mike Dreams
  • Track: Success Is...
  • Producer: Groundwork
  • Album: Dreamer's Poetry

On the newly-released buzz single off his forthcoming sophomore LP, Dreamer's Poetry, up-and-coming emcee and DJBooth member Young Son makes one thing very clear: the dreams he's talking about aren't the kind you have when you fall asleep. In fact, these dreams are the kind that keep you up at night—how can one rest when “Success is... but a breath away”? Inspired by “late-night 8-hour [recording] sessions after 8 hours of working,” as well as by Drake's recently-released So Far Gone mixtape, the record gives listeners a rare glimpse into the superhuman grind of indie artists everywhere. Groundwork's piano-driven instrumental serves as a fittingly pensive backdrop to the Minneapolis native's low-key confidence as he meditates on the rewards that will make all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Listeners itching to hear more of this Dreamer's Poetry won't have to wait till the album's June 9th drop date—in early April, Young Son will be partnering with this very site to kick off Counting Sheep... A Countdown to Dreamer's Poetry, an eight-week series of previously-unreleased cuts that will be available for streaming and free download exclusively at DJBooth.net.