Young Thug - Friend of Scotty

  • Artist: Young Thug
  • Track: Friend of Scotty
  • Producer: Dun Deal
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

If you're in Young Thug's social circle, sooner or later you'll be a Friend of Scotty, too. Before you ask, no, I have no f**king idea who Scotty is... or what Thugga is talking about when he tells a female companion “Baby I want your pizza, I want all the toppings.” on the hook... or what inspired him to utter the sentence “No homo, but my blunt look like a d**k,” in front of a microphone. Though these mysteries may or may not ever be solved, fans of the Autotune-loving ATLien are sure to appreciate the free-associative bars he spits over Dun Deal's quirky street boardwork. This record is just a loosie, but we'll keep you posted on Young Thug's activities in the weeks and months ahead.