Yung Joc - Bookoo

  • Artist: Yung Joc
  • Track: Bookoo
  • Producer: Kochease
  • Album: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood

Way back in the day, Americans caught wind of the French-rooted word, beaucoup. The adjective, which is defined as “an abundance of; galore,” was passed around like the secret word in the children’s game telephone and eventually became “Bookoo.” Often used before the word “bucks,” the expression has widely been heard in reference to how much something costs. Always known to embrace pop culture in his raps, Bad Boy/Block Entertainment artist Yung Joc has scooped up the word and theme for a possible buzz single off his forthcoming third studio album, tentatively titled Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. While Joc’s last album did not sell bookoo copies (see how that works?), maybe the third time is the charm for the playful rapper.