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Frank Ocean Updates Website, Hints at July Album Release

The singer has teased multiple release dates for his new album, should we believe him this time? Read More
Posted 3 weeks ago by DJ Z

My Maker Sounds a Lot Like Myself: The Beautiful Power of Frank Ocean’s Writing

Frank Ocean may have disappeared from music, but his writing is some of today's most powerful art. Read More
Posted one month ago by Yoh

Frank Ocean’s New Album is Dropping “When He’s Ready” (So Probably Never)

A new interview reveals that despite those amazing sounding leaks a new Frank Ocean album is far from a sure thing. Read More
Posted 3 months ago by Nathan S.

This New Frank Ocean Snippet Sounds Like Heaven Behind a Closed Door

I'd given up hope for a new Ocean album, but this secret snippet from a listening session is so good I'm crazy excited again. Read More
Posted 4 months ago by Nathan S.

Forget the Album, What About Frank Ocean’s “Boy’s Don’t Cry” Magazine?

I’ve been waiting for Frank Ocean’s next album so long it started to feel like awaiting a friend to return from war. When... Read More
Posted one year ago by Yoh
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