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9th Wonder & TDE Artist SiR Have Recorded a 12-Track Album

By DJ Z | Posted October 17, 2017
"We've done songs with Ab[-Soul], we've done songs with other people on the [TDE] team, like, I have an album with SiR."

9th Wonder on Political Hip-Hop: “Every Time We Feel Oppressed, Our Music Gets Better”

By Brent Bradley | Posted August 4, 2017
Passionate, political hip-hop is one of the few silver linings of systematic oppression.

The Roots Tap 9th Wonder & Salaam Remi for Upcoming ‘End Game’ Album

By DJ Z | Posted June 13, 2017
The Roots are still working on their 12th and final solo album, which will come out "when it comes out."

9th Wonder Reveals the Emcee at the Top of His Bucket List

By DJ Z | Posted May 9, 2017
The legendary producer has a legendary emcee in mind for his next album.

Reminder: 9th Wonder Incredibly Made Jay Z’s “Threat” Beat in 25 Minutes

By Brent Bradley | Posted November 15, 2016
Relive one of our favorite ‘The Black Album’ stories 13 years later.
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9th Wonder Believes We’re In The Midst of Bi-Generational “Sonic Warfare”

By Brent Bradley | Posted September 9, 2016
When 9th Wonder, a veteran producer and college professor, speaks up about music, it's best to listen.

“Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition” Taught Me to Love Hip-Hop & Myself

By Lucas G. | Posted March 25, 2016
Twelve years ago, Murs and 9th dropped an album that changed my life forever and that's not just empty talk. It really did.
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