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Action Bronson ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Cheat Code Album Review

By Bryan Kalbrosky | Posted August 25, 2017
Bronson's long-awaited latest picks up right where he left off—for better and for worse.

Action Bronson Shares Scary Xanax Story: “They Thought I Was Fucking Dead”

By DJ Z | Posted August 24, 2017
The veteran emcee loves good food and good weed but when it comes to Xanax, he's good.

Action Bronson Explains Why Record Labels Suck, Period

By DJ Z | Posted August 23, 2017
"Unless you’re a humongous artist and you’re doing pop songs and hit songs, it really sucks."

Action Bronson - 9-24-7000 ft. Rick Ross

By Brendan V | Posted August 21, 2017
Artist(s): Action Bronson
Tags: Bars, Lyrical

From Usher to Action Bronson: Toxic Artists & the Notion of Problematic Favs

By Austin Williams | Posted August 7, 2017
August is a month full of anticipated music from deplorable people.
Tags: Usher, Opinion

Action Bronson - Let Me Breathe

By Brendan V | Posted June 30, 2017
Artist(s): Action Bronson

A Frustrated Action Bronson Asks Label to “Put My Motherfucking Album Out”

By DJ Z | Posted May 24, 2017
It was all good just a short time ago. Or was it?
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