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As We Say Goodbye To Vine, We Remember Its Viral Rap Stars

By Yoh | Posted October 27, 2016
We are in the last days of the popular app Vine, so we remember all the rappers who got famous from 6 seconds.

Young M.A Has Arrived & She’s Bringing Brooklyn With Her

By Brent Bradley | Posted October 11, 2016
With an uncompromising brand of hip-hop in tow, Young M.A is dead set on refreshing our memories of that classic BK sound.

Bobby Shmurda on His Future: “They Ain’t Never Gonna Take My Joy”

By Tara Mahadevan | Posted September 16, 2016
The New York rapper is staring at three more years in prison, but his resolve can never be broken.

Epic Records Tried to Help Bobby Shmurda Escape New York, He Refused

By Yoh | Posted May 25, 2016
Bobby Shmurda's life changed but he failed to change his surroundings.

Bobby Shmurda Will Need More Than a Hashtag to Beat Murder Charges

By Yoh | Posted April 20, 2016
Hip-hop can chant "Free Bobby Shmurda" until it's hoarse, it's looking more and more like he'll be in prison for decades.

Bobby Shmurda Says Police Targeted Him “Because of My Rap Music”

By Nathan S. | Posted February 24, 2016
In a jail interview Shmurda claims he's being unfairly targeted because of his music, and he has a strong point.

Bobby Shumrda Denied Bail, Will Remain in Jail

By Nathan S. | Posted December 3, 2015
Shmurda's will remain locked up as he awaits trial on murder and weapons charges.

Shy Glizzy ft. Bobby Shmurda - Celebration

By richard | Posted November 13, 2014
Artist(s): Jefe
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