Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean


New Frank Ocean Hits the Internet, But We Can’t Listen to It

By DJ Z | Posted October 23, 2017
"If you liked two thousand and seventeen then you'll love two thousand and eighteen."

The New Story of O.J.: How JAY-Z, Tyler & Frank Created New Black Legends

By Ben Taylor | Posted September 25, 2017
It’s past time for Black artists to take a ride in a car that isn’t tailed by police or foreboding a bad ending.
Tags: JAY-Z, Opinion

Frank Ocean Debuts New Song “Provider,” It’s a Vibe

By DJ Z | Posted August 27, 2017
"Provider" is classic Frank—moody, lush, minimally produced, and emotional.

In Hell There’s Heaven: One Year of Living Life ‘Blonde’

By Yoh | Posted August 17, 2017
Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' is an album that isn't just heard but felt. One year later, I'm still in my feelings.

How Frank Ocean’s Live Performance Connects Music With Physicality

By Miguelito | Posted July 25, 2017
FYF Fest was proof that Frank's live performance is an enhancement of all the themes from his mastered works.

Young Thug’s “Me or Us” Was Supposed to Feature Frank Ocean

By DJ Z | Posted June 27, 2017
Let us all collectively sigh at the thought that this might have happened.
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