Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs


Freddie Gibbs - All Day

By Brendan V | about 3 weeks ago
Artist(s): Freddie Gibbs
Tags: Bars

Freddie Gibbs’ Next Album is Made Up of Those Madlib Beats Kanye Passed On

By Lucas G. | about 7 months ago
Kanye decided not to use a gang of Madlib beats on "Pablo," but they're getting a second life breathed into them by Gangster Gibbs.
Tags: Albums, News

Freddie Gibbs is Making the Rawest Music Videos in Hip-Hop

By Yoh | 9 months ago
An in-depth look at how Gangster Gibbs is turning his raw lyrics into cinematic visuals filled with lust, drugs and actual crack smoke.

“It Can Really F*ck You Up Mentally”: How Our Favorite Rappers Handle Online Criticism

By Nathan S. | 9 months ago
We talked to Freddie Gibbs, Alex Wiley and Locksmith about making music in the age of the comment thread.

Freddie Gibbs - Hot Boys

By Brendan V | 10 months ago
Artist(s): Freddie Gibbs
Tags: Bars
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