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Beat Break: S1 Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs

By Andy James | 5 days ago
The only thing better than S1's beats are the stories behind them.

Jay Z, Freestyling & The Decline of Mainstream Lyricism

By Brent Bradley | 3 weeks ago
How one of the greatest lyricists inadvertently stunted lyricism.
Tags: Opinion

Why Was Jay Z a Guest on Frank Ocean’s Apple Music Program?

By DJ Z | one month ago
Yes, that Jay Z. "Majority owner of TIDAL" Jay Z.
Tags: News, Opinion

Jay Z to Become First Rap Artist Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame

By DJ Z | one month ago
And likely also the first artist to ever be inducted who doesn't write down his lyrics.
Tags: News

Where Did All the Cool Rappers Go?

By Hershal Pandya | one month ago
In comparison to the previous generation, today’s collection of rappers seems like a ragtag bunch.
Tags: Opinion

An Ode to the Brown Paper Bag, Hip-Hop’s Favorite Status Symbol

By Yoh | one month ago
Nothing is more important than the mula, except for maybe the item that holds the mula.
Tags: Opinion

The Complete History of Drake & Jay Z’s Cold War

By Andy James | one month ago
"Long live the idols, may they never be your rivals."
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