Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract


Introducing Choker, a Gloriously Unpolished Frank Ocean Offspring

By Yoh | Posted July 7, 2017
Artists are an extension of their influences and the connection between Choker and Ocean is undeniable.

From Kanye to Kevin Abstract, a Personal Music Video Lineage

By CineMasai | Posted March 27, 2017
Kanye's creative vision birthed a generation of artists unafraid to be themselves in music videos.

Kevin Abstract - Kin

By Brendan V | Posted December 27, 2016
Artist(s): Kevin Abstract
Tags: Lyrical

The Moment I Realized the Rappers I Grew Up With Actually Grew Up

By Kareem Sheikh | Posted November 21, 2016
You’re no longer a part of the target youth demographic, and that’s okay.

Kevin Abstract “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story” Cheat Code Album Review

By Tara Mahadevan | Posted November 17, 2016
The fearless young artist continues his evolution with a genre-blending exploration of self.

Kevin Abstract - Yellow

By DJ Z | Posted November 5, 2016
Artist(s): Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract Fearlessly Tackles His Sexuality on “Miserable America”

By Tara Mahadevan | Posted November 4, 2016
The Texas rapper-slash-singer delivers an empowering pop single from his forthcoming full-length album.

Kevin Abstract Proves His Prowess as a Director With Fearless “Empty” Video

By Yoh | Posted September 22, 2016
Kevin Abstract continues to display his talents as a musician and as video director in his last visual masterpiece.
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