Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco


Hate Roundtable: Beloved, Acclaimed Hip-Hop Albums We Hated

By DJ Z | one month ago
Despite near-universal acclaim, these four albums just didn't have "it."

Lupe Fiasco’s ‘DROGAS Light’ Sold 14,416 Copies, Is That Good?

By DJ Z | one month ago
How does Lupe's first independent effort stack up against recent efforts from his biggest indie peers?
Tags: News, Opinion

Lupe Fiasco ‘DROGAS Light’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | one month ago
While the content is respectable, Lupe's latest falls flat in execution.

Lupe Fiasco’s Anti-Semitic Lyrics in “N.E.R.D” Freestyle Are Dangerous

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
Lupe Fiasco continues to make it more difficult to be a Lupe Fiasco fan.

Blame Jay Z For Lupe Fiasco Signing to Atlantic Records

By Andy James | 3 months ago
In 2004, Hov chose Def Jam over Atlantic Records. But it was too late for Lupe Fiasco.
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A Brief History of Kanye Bringing Artists Into the Mainstream

By Yoh | 5 months ago
Kanye’s Midas touch might not be what it once was, but his resume is quite impressive.
Tags: Opinion
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