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Lupe Fiasco


10 Years Later, We Graded These Rappers’ Plans to Fix the Music Industry

By Brendan V | Posted October 24, 2017
VIBE asked 50 Cent, Chamillionare and more how they'd fix the music industry in 2007. Let's hop in the time machine.
Tags: 50 Cent, Humor

Lupe Fiasco’s All City Chess Club Supergroup Was Always Doomed According to One Member

By DJ Z | Posted September 19, 2017
"There's just really nowhere to go with a rap supergroup."

Joe Budden, “Pump It Up” & the Curious Case of Misleading Rap Singles

By Yoh | Posted September 7, 2017
From Joe Budden to Joey Bada$$, lead singles don't always taste like the main course.

10 Best Rap Song Series, Ranked

By Andy James | Posted April 7, 2017
See you in the comments section.

Hate Roundtable: Beloved, Acclaimed Hip-Hop Albums We Hated

By DJ Z | Posted February 27, 2017
Despite near-universal acclaim, these four albums just didn't have "it."

Lupe Fiasco’s ‘DROGAS Light’ Sold 14,416 Copies, Is That Good?

By DJ Z | Posted February 20, 2017
How does Lupe's first independent effort stack up against recent efforts from his biggest indie peers?

Lupe Fiasco ‘DROGAS Light’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted February 9, 2017
While the content is respectable, Lupe's latest falls flat in execution.
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