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What the F**k is Going on with Eric B. & Rakim’s Long-Awaited Reunion?

By Brent Bradley | about 5 months ago
If the announcement is true at all, it’s been severely fumbled, and we’re all very confused.
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Rakim Didn’t Ghostwrite Will Smith’s Classic “Summertime,” But He Did Turn It Down

By William E. Ketchum III | 8 months ago
Contrary to rumors, Rakim's pen didn't touch Will Smith's "Summertime," but it was his song first.
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Rakim - Bring It On

By @Grubeats | 4 years ago
Artist(s): Rakim
Tags: Indie, Lyrical

Meet Rap’s Mt. Rusmore

By Nathan S. | 7 years ago
Today is President's Day, a day to reflect on the long history of men who have helped shape America into the greatest, and most humble, nation on...
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