Vince Staples

Vince Staples

Def Jam

20 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2017 (So Far), Ranked (Pt. 2)

By Brendan V | Posted September 19, 2017
We look forward to you voicing your complaints. Again.

How Vince Staples Altered Our Perception of His Music By Changing His Approach

By Jaired M. | Posted August 8, 2017
Vince's message is the same, but the way we interpret it has changed.

Back to November: Tyler, Vince Staples & Remembering Your Happy Place

By CineMasai | Posted July 17, 2017
At your most anxious, don’t forget that your November is a short drive away.

From Vince Staples to JAY-Z, Hip-Hop Money is Breaking the Family Curse

By Yoh | Posted July 6, 2017
How hip-hop is allowing artists to break the vicious cycle of generational poverty.
Tags: JAY-Z, Opinion

Vince Staples is the Modern-Day Alfred Hitchcock

By Matt Wilhite | Posted June 27, 2017
Vince Staples proves that the genius in art isn’t just what you choose to make, but in the process with which you make it.

Vince Staples ‘Big Fish Theory’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted June 22, 2017
In the same vein of 'Yeezus,' 'Big Fish Theory' finds Vince challenging the very idea of what a rapper can create.

Chance The Rapper, The Fresh Prince & the Madness of Summertime

By Yoh | Posted June 15, 2017
Summer is known as a time of bliss, but the reality is that when it gets hot, it gets violent.
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