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More Lucky Than Bishop: Revisiting Tupac’s Misogyny Both On-Screen & Off [Feature ]

In the heat of aggression, with the brim of his White Sox cap facing onlookers and the stud in his nose facing his opponent, a slight yet forceful young man is pressed against another on the brink of violence. From across... Read More


Scarface on 2Pac: “I Love Pac to Death, But Let That Man Rest” [Feature ]

Veteran emcee Scarface has never been one to bite his tongue about topics relating to hip-hop and the music industry. Last month, during a Q&A before his performance at Chicago's Classic Hip-Hop Lives concert,... Read More


Ice Cube Urges Rap Fans to Stop Comparing Kendrick Lamar to Tupac [Feature ]

Wyclef Jean once compared Young Thug to 2Pac and Joey Bada$$ believes he's a better rapper than 2Pac—for which he has a great argument—but if you ask Ice Cube if the late rapper reminds him of rap's... Read More


Nas Explains Why Tupac Was a One-of-a-Kind Artist [Feature ]

Rap icons Nas and Tupac weren't always the best of friends—Nas' "The Message," a single from his sophomore album It Was Written, included a subliminal diss aimed at Biggie, but Tupac believed the line was about... Read More


Alphabet Assassins: 10 Best Alliterative Hip-Hop Songs, Ranked [Feature ]

Depending on who you ask, there are countless criteria for what constitutes a great emcee. One nearly universal, indisputable quality of an emcee's dominance, however, is wordplay. An emcee’s ability to... Read More


The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur & The Dark Side of Immortality [Feature ]

Suge Knight’s black ‘96 BMW 750iL was nothing more than a luxury vehicle before the night of September 7, 1996. When the clock struck the hour of 11:15 p.m., the beautiful piece of man-made machinery was... Read More


Joey Bada$$ Thinks He’s a “Better Rapper Than Tupac” & I Ain’t Mad at Cha [Feature ]

For several months now, the hip-hop world has been waiting with bated breath for Joey Bada$$ to release his new full-length album A.A.B.A, a project the Pro Era leader has previously stated doesn't represent even half of... Read More


Hate Roundtable: Beloved, Acclaimed Hip-Hop Albums We Hated [Feature ]

Every hip-hop fan has at least one. You know, an album that is universally praised by fans, deemed a "classic" or "near-classic" by the media, but no matter how many times you press play, you just don't hear "it."... Read More


Tupac to Become Sixth Hip-Hop Act Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [Feature ]

20 years after his untimely death, Tupac’s legacy feels as potent as ever. Although his music depicted a very specific time in hip-hop and the nation in general, the power of Pac’s words have proven to be... Read More


Dear Makaveli: A Letter To Tupac 20 Years After His Death [Feature ]

Dear Makaveli, Twenty calendars have been hung, flipped and thrown in the trash since your flesh walked amongst the soulful and soulless. Where did the time go? Time hasn’t healed the wound of your passing.... Read More


Tupac Has a Songwriting Credit on ScHoolboy Q’s “Blank Face” [Feature ]

Every time a new album drops first I "1 Listen" review it, then I go hunting through the liner notes. Really digging through the credits on an album can be a powerful way to see the vast web of connections that spread out... Read More


All Eyez Are on Tupac’s Upcoming Biopic & So Far It Looks Amazing [Feature ]

Tupac would’ve turned 45 today. Each passing birthday is a reason to rejoice, reflect, and mourn one of the most important rappers of our time. Perhaps the most important.  To call Pac just a rapper will never do... Read More


Tupac Was Working on “One Nation” Album With Outkast, DJ Premier & More When He Died [Feature ]

What makes someone a legend? You're a legend when people are still fascinated by untold stories of your life and work 20 years after your death. Tupac is a legend.  You still can't talk hip-hop without at least... Read More


Tupac: “They Shot Me 5 Times. Until I Get My Nagasaki, We Can’t Have Peace” [Feature ]

“I want my respect. It's not gonna be over till I drop my Nagasaki. They bombed Pearl Harbor. They shot me five times, okay. Until I get my Nagasaki, we can't have peace." Reading this excerpt from Angie... Read More


Afeni Shakur’s Death May Mean a “Great Deal of Unearthed Tupac Music” is Coming [Feature ]

Afeni Shakur was much more than just the mother of Tupac Shakur, but her recent passing could have a profound effect on her son's music for decades to come, and perhaps much sooner. Following her son's... Read More


“There’s Too Much Money”: Watch Tupac’s Powerful Speech on Greed [Feature ]

Classic music has the power to live past the era it was created in, and classic artists speak not only to the times they live but the times to come. Tupac is the definition of a classic artist.  In a recently... Read More


Eminem Writes Heartfelt Tribute to Tupac, Calls Him “True Genius” [Feature ]

As a part of their October nostalgia issue, PAPER Mag had three artists pen essays on of their idols. Kendrick the journalist returned with one about Eazy-E, Swizz Beatz is penning one on The Notorious B.I.G., and now... Read More


“Straight Outta Compton” Follow-Up Movie Will Focus on Tupac, Snoop & Death Row [Feature ]

Well, that didn't take long. Straight Outta Compton has seen tremendous success since its August 14 release, and it was only a matter of time before news of another new hip-hop biopic would make its way to the... Read More


Jay Z Recorded Tupac Diss Track, Buried It When Pac Died [Feature ]

[Art by Nick Cocozza] What's beef? Beef isn't flashing Twitter memes onstage, beef isn't ghostwriting allegations, beef is the tragedy that took Tupac and Biggie's lives, and according to Jay's long... Read More


Traffic Jam: How Kendrick Flipped a Forgotten Tupac Song Into “For Free?” [Feature ]

Before we proceed, we all agree that Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest rappers alive? Right? Right. Ok, glad it’s unanimous. But what, exactly, makes him great? Is it that flow? His lyrics? Concepts? His ear for... Read More


The 1996 Internet Reacts to Tupac’s Death (Hip-Hop Corner Archives, Pt. 2) [Feature ]

Editor's Note: This is the second part of a series. The first covered the internet's initial reaction to Biggie's death. *** Biggie’s story more than stands on its own, but it will always be linked to... Read More


Raz Simone ft. Tupac - Drake & Macklemore’s Platform [Stream]

Last week, Raz Simone took a break from crafting cinematic narrative jams to sound off on the state of mainstream hip-hop in the official visuals for Chief Keef & Macklemore. In the wake of that video single’s... Read More


From Tupac to Coldplay, Bands Artists Were In Before They Got Big [Feature ]

We know there are a lot of artists struggling to make it, and some of them might even be feeling like their big break will never come. But never fear my people, music history is full of artists who spent years toiling in... Read More


Tyga ft. Jadakiss & 2Pac - Hit’em Up [Stream]

Without question one of the most popular and controversial 2Pac records of all-time is diss track Hit ‘Em Up.  Now, roughly 17 years later, the song’s title and it’s creator have returned… sort... Read More


Classic Album: Tupac’s “All Eyez on Me” (Review & Video) [Feature ]

1995 was an landmark year for Tupac Shakur. In February he began serving a one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half year prison sentence for sexual assault. Soon after that he released the album “Me Against the... Read More


Nipsey Hu$$le ft. Jay Rock, 2pac & June Summers - Army All By Myself [Stream]

Currently preparing to drop Vol. 3 of his Bullets Ain’t Got No Name mixtape series, Nipsey Hussle is back in the house with a brand new record.  Though the Slauson boy has titled his latest Booth feature Army All... Read More


Keyshia Cole ft. 2Pac - Playa Cardz Right [Stream]

No matter what genre of music you listen to, you probably mentally sort your favorite artists into general categories (e.g., Clipse are coke rappers, Devin‘s a weed rapper, and Travis McCoy is a rock-rapper).  In... Read More


2pac - Dopefiend’s Diner [Stream]

This past September marked the 11-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s (still unsolved) murder.  Since his unfortunate demise there has been 17 albums (six studio, eleven compilation) released under his name, each a... Read More


2Pac - Pac’s Life [Album]

As the sixth posthumously released studio album from Tupac Shakur, Pac’s Life is a valiant effort to allow his music to live on through today and beyond. Commemorating ten years following his untimely death, the album... Read Full Review


2Pac ft. T.I. & Ashanti - Pac’s Life [Stream]

The chorus to Pac’s Life, yet another postmortem single from Tupac Shakur, proves his music was made to span generations.  “Everyone’s talking bout Pac’s life,” spits 2Pac as he exchanges chorus lines with... Read More