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These Drake Pics From His Old OVO Blog Are Amazing [Feature ]

Last year I put Drake’s old personal Facebook page on display for the whole internet to see and honestly, I felt kinda bad about it. Nobody wants pictures of themselves from high school shared with the world,... Read More


Majid Jordan Describe Factory-Style Songwriting Camps for Drake [Feature ]

Don't worry, this isn't another ghostwriter expose. I already put the nail in that particular coffin. But if I learned anything from the ghost of Quentin Miller it's that most people really don't have any idea... Read More


Was Drake Actually at the Same Hotel as Meek Mill When “Back to Back” Dropped? [Feature ]

Drake is the master of the moment, a born entertainer, the rap game P.T. Barnum. In an age when attention spans are more divided than a high school algebra class, Aubrey Graham has figured out how to take over hip-hop... Read More


Drake & J.Cole Rumored to be Touring Together This Summer [Feature ]

Who would you rather see in concert, Drake or J.Cole? Why not both?  Normally you might find Drake stans and Cole miners battling it out for rap supremacy, they are two of the most popular rappers on the... Read More


“Summer Sixteen” Finds Drake at His Most Comfortable & Merciless [Feature ]

“Summer Sixteen,” Drake’s newest single, has premiered through Apple Music’s Beats 1 program OVO Sound Radio and it didn't disappoint. For his first song release of 2016, I expected... Read More


Drake - Summer Sixteen [Stream]

Related: “Summer Sixteen” Finds Drake at His Most Comfortable & Merciless Read More


Drake Deep Cuts [Feature ]

What exactly is a deep cut? Like anything in music, the definition shifts depending on who you ask. For artists as well-known and responsible for shaping the landscape of current-day popular culture such as Drake,... Read More


Confirmed: A Young Drake Worked as a Songwriter for Dr. Dre at Aftermath Records [Feature ]

Drake, the unrivaled biggest star of his generation, got his first real music industry job as a teenager working for Dr. Dre at Aftermath Records. That's a real thing that really happened in reality. Yesterday,... Read More


Is The Drake Sports Curse Real? (An Absurdly Detailed Investigation) [Feature ]

The internet loves to pick on Drake. Whether it's blowing up his personal Facebook page or throwing shade at “legend”, mean, jealous, yet devilishly handsome bloggers are always on his case, perhaps because of... Read More


Drake, Tech N9ne & the Final Word on Songwriting vs. Ghostwriting [Feature ]

Just when you think you're out, it pulls you back in.  Ever since Meek Mill made the mistake of his career by revealing that Drake used a ghostwriter for his "RICO" verse, I've seen the same version of the same... Read More


Drake Invests in Tech Company Omni, Has Sights Set on Billionaire Status [Feature ]

Drake is worth an estimated $40 million, and like any smart businessman he knows the key to becoming even more filthy rich is investment. Concert money is great, but to get the money you have to actually show up and play... Read More


Best Hip-Hop Record of 2015: Drake’s “Back to Back” #BOTBAwards [Feature ]

[Welcome to the 2015 edition of the Best of the Booth Awards, DJBooth's annual selection of the best music of the year. For a more detailed explanation and a full list of all the categories and winners, click here.]... Read More


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Didn’t Get a Grammy Nomination Because Cash Money Screwed Up [Feature ]

What in the hell is going on with Cash Money? Forgetting for a moment that they burned bridges with their prodigal son Lil Wayne, now it appears the inefficiency of the label may have cost Drake a GRAMMY nomination for... Read More


I’m Pretty Sure Rick Ross Just Threatened Drake on This “Color Money” Song [Feature ]

Moment of truth. I once rushed to judgement and wrote about a diss Big Sean had aimed at Kendrick, only later to have Big Sean and others say I was digging too deep into the lyrics in search for cheap beef. And you know what?... Read More


Drake, Eminem & Kanye Top Spotify’s Most Streamed Artists of 2015 [Feature ]

It's December 1 and you know what that means: year-end round-up season. As we start to see the beginning of Top-Whatever lists, Spotify released its streaming numbers for streaming in 2015 with the 6ix God sitting on... Read More


Drake Straight Up Stole This Guy’s Instagram Art [Feature ]

It's no secret that Drake has a way of riding other's waves. Whether it's a D.R.A.M beat for "Hotline Bling," Migos' flow or whoever's dance moves those were in the video, the 6ix God... Read More


Yahoo News & CNN Report Drake Died in Car Crash, Drake Not Actually Dead [Feature ]

What a time to be alive, especially when thousands of people think you're dead.  Last night users on the notorious 4Chan site convinced some of the biggest media outlets in the world that Drake had passed away.... Read More


Noah “40” Shebib On Drake: “He Gets Away With Murder At Radio” [Feature ]

Producers are constantly overlooked and under-appreciated. If a song reaches #1, the artist gets all the credit, but, unless they also produced the record, there is another part of the equation. When Drake does an... Read More


Meek Mill’s Social Media Behavior Could End His Career [Feature ]

It’s not a stretch to assume Meek Mill is probably ready to turn the calendar to 2016. 2015 has been far from the year the MMG rapper probably envisioned months ago, before the successful album release, before the... Read More


A Drake & Justin Bieber “Hotline Bling” Remix Is Upon Us [Feature ]

Code Red! Please Remain Calm. Take only what you can carry. Women and Children first. The internet is about to explode! For the past week, Drake has dominated Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, the radio, the... Read More


R. Kelly Avoids “Drake Privilege” on New Single “Switch Up” [Feature ]

There's been a lot of talk this week month year about authenticity in music, hip-hop in particular. Much has been made of Drake's plays on other artist's rhyme schemes, flows and production nuances as Earl... Read More


Drake Privilege? Earl Sweatshirt Accuses the Star of Being a “Vulture” [Feature ]

Drake has always been known to hop on a the flow of the moment, but apparently that isn't sitting well with one former member of Odd Future. On Twitter, Earl Sweatshirt voiced concern about Drake's practice of... Read More


Thanks to Apple Music, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Won’t Be #1 on Billboard [Feature ]

The set-up seemed perfect. Drake’s “Hotline Bling” was situated in #2 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, bested only by The Weeknd’s “The Hills,” and a video was on the... Read More


Drake - Hotline Bling [Stream]

Update: The highly anticipated Director X-directed visuals for Drake’s Hotline Bling single have been added. In addition to Charged Up and Right Hand, Drake has also let loose the official, CDQ version of Hotline... Read More


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Video Has Arrived and It’s Full of Neon Goodness [Feature ]

Drake's smash hit of the summer, possible first solo number one single and the record that's seemingly spawned an endless number of remixes (and in turn, remix rankings), has finally received its... Read More


Akon Says He Doesn’t Regret Passing on Drake, We Don’t Believe Him [Feature ]

Fat Joe said he regrets not signing Eminem to his label in the ‘90s, a mistake that Duck Down Records also made when an opportunity presented itself. Similarily, Murs had the chance to sign Kendrick Lamar to... Read More


Drake Now Bigger Than the Beatles, Has 100 Top 100 Hits [Feature ]

A partnership with Apple Music, two retail mixtapes - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and What A Time To Be Alive with Future - and a host of popular, loose singles have made this a huge year... Read More


Is Cash Money Holding Drake’s “Views From the Six” Hostage? [Feature ]

Domination is the word to describe the year Drake is having. He has officially become a conqueror, hip-hop’s Julius Caesar, even the Ides of Meek couldn’t end his reign. Best rapper is a title we can debate but... Read More


Drake & Future’s “WATTBA” Projected to Sell 500K First Week - WTF? [Feature ]

What a time to be alive! Drake and Future's highly-anticipated, "Internet-breaking" collaborative project actually came to fruition, taking over not only the OVO Sound Beats 1 radio show Sunday night but also the... Read More


Drake & Future “What A Time To Be Alive” | 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Drake. Future. If you pay attention to hip-hop music in the least bit, these two names have been nearly inescapable in 2015. Future Hendrix is riding an incredible wave, one that was sparked by a run... Read More


Drake & Future - What A Time To Be Alive [Album]

After countless teases from industry folk and the artists themselves, all of the rumors can now finally be put to rest. Arguably the two hottest names in hip-hop rap music, Drake and Future, have combined their talents,... Read More


From 6 God to Yeezus, Hip-Hop’s New God Flow [Feature ]

The year is 1966, three years after the world was first infected by a severe case of Beatlemania. It was complete, undisputed domination. The Beatles were inarguably the biggest band in the world, so big that John Lennon... Read More


Drake & Future Are Definitely, Maybe, Possibly Releasing a Joint Mixtape…Hopefully [Feature ]

[Art via Instagram] Arguably the two hottest names in hip-hop this summer, Drake and Future, may have plans to unveil a surprise project, which may come out in the next 24 hours. Maybe. At least, that's what many on the... Read More


Majid Jordan - My Love ft. Drake [Stream]

Update: The Common Good-directed visuals for Majid Jordan’s My Love single have been added. It’s a big day for OVO Sound. In addition to releasing visuals for Drake’s Energy, Majid Jordan has released their... Read More


“Hotline Bling”: Drake Hijacked D.R.A.M.‘s “Cha Cha” & Made It a Hit [Feature ]

Just how powerful is the all-powerful Drake co-sign?  So much conversation has revolved around the true influence that a co-sign from Drizzy yields, whether it comes in the form of a remix, a spot on tour or even... Read More


Future - Where Ya At ft. Drake [Stream]

Update: The Rick Nyce-directed visuals for Future’s Where Ya At has been added. Where Ya At, the highly anticipated Metro Boomin-produced, Drake feature from Future‘s forthcoming Dirty Sprite 2 album - also the... Read More


You Need to Listen to This Drake x Florence + The Machine Mash Up [Feature ]

Sometimes there are questions you would never ask, but once you find the answer you realize you needed to know all along. Case in point, what would it sound (and look) like if Drake joined the English indie rock band Florence... Read More


Diddy Says Drake Was Supposed to Ghostwrite “0-100” For Him [Feature ]

Hey, remember when Diddy punched Drake? Now we know why. Much of the controversy surrounding Drake at the moment centers around allegations that he doesn't write his own lyrics, but according to Diddy he is ghostwriting... Read More


Drake Now Has 2015’s First Platinum Album, Six Songs in Top 100, Is Running Rap [Feature ]

[Photo via Instagram] They'll be popping even more bottles at the OVO headquarters tonight as Drake's In Case You're Reading This It's Too Late just went platinum. The feat is especially impressive... Read More


From QM to Funk Flex to OVO Fest, a Complete Guide to the Drake vs. Meek Mill “Beef” [Feature ]

This morning I stumbled on a tweet calling for Funkmaster Flex to step down from his position at Hot 97. What could he have possibly done to warrant a petition? And why was everyone cracking so many Meek Mill jokes? It... Read More


Hip-Hop Weighs in on Drake v. Meek Mill “Beef” [Feature ]

The summer of beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to move right along, and over the weekend we heard from a number of respected hip-hop artists - both old and new - who voiced their opinion on the matter.  A$AP... Read More


The Game - 100 ft. Drake [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Game’s new single, 100, have been added. The Documentary 2 is coming. While we wait for the release of The Game‘s latest full-length, the Compton native has released a new single. A... Read More


Drake - Back To Back (Meek Mill Diss) [Stream]

Nothing to see here, folks, Drake doing Drake things…. When Drake released never ending, ever-changing beef with Meek Mill, we sat back with our collective popcorn, ready for the disses to come rolling in. Sure they... Read More


Drake - Right Hand [Stream]

While the hip-hop world waits for Meek Mill to deliver his Charged Up response on Funk Flex’s Hot 97 radio program, Drake has liberated the dirty, CDQ versions of all three records he premiered this past Saturday... Read More


Drake - Charged Up [Stream]

After quite an eventful week, Drake has premiered Charged Up, a new song on his OVO Sound show on Beats 1. Names are not named, but the subliminal shots are fired. Hey Meek, you listening? What about you, Funk Flex? Read More


How ‘Bout Now: Drake’s Alleged Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Denies Claim [Feature ]

Finally! In the wake of the semi-scandal spurred by a Meek Mill Twitter rant that sent the Internet into an uproar about the morality of rappers having assistance with their lyrics, the man who has allegedly been... Read More


Unholy 6 God: A Drake Fan Questions His Loyalty [Feature ]

[Art by houseofdxwn] Since the Genesis of hip-hop music, the greatness of a rapper has been measured by three determining factors; music quality, cultural impact, and perhaps most importantly, lyrical content. Now, attached... Read More


Lupe Weighs In on Drake & Meek’s Ghostwriting Fiasco [Feature ]

As you are almost certainly aware, the Internet in recent days has been taken over by this Meek Mill and Drake "beef." With everyone debating whether or not Drake does in fact have a ghostwriter, and the extent to which... Read More


If Drake Has a Ghostwriter, Does It Matter? [Feature ]

[Art by vitostone] I woke up this morning to a world where Drake has a ghostwriter. Meek Mill unveiled this information to the internet in a rant that should be read in his loud, booming voice. It feels like such an... Read More


What Happens When The Best Songs Don’t Make The Album? Revisited [Feature ]

What happens when the best songs don't make the album? It's a great question, one that's already been asked and answered by Yoh in this excellent piece from just a couple months ago. If you... Read More


Meek Mill Attacks Drake on Twitter, Claims His Rhymes Are Ghostwritten [Feature ]

Meek Mill has had an eventful July.  Earlier this month, the Philly native released his much-delayed new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which saw him move over 200,000 units in the first week. That mark earned him... Read More


Batter Up: Drake is Currently King of MLB Walkup Songs [Feature ]

Long considered the most exciting part of baseball**, the walkup song is a tradition rivaled only by professional wrestling entrance themes, college football marching band shows and the collective shirtless shotgunning... Read More


I Was Facebook Friends With Drake in ‘07, Here’s What His Personal Page Looks Like [Feature ]

I’m about to say a true thing. I'M ABOUT TO SAY A TRUE THING! I used to watch Degrassi. Back in 2007, my family bought a rundown, old cabin in Maine. I loved it up there, or at least that's what I told my... Read More


WizKid - Ojuelegba (Remix) ft. Drake & Skepta [Stream]

Drake and London buzzmaker Skepta have remixed Ojuelegba, a 2014 island-tinged single from Nigeria native WizKid. The new version of the Legendury Beatz-produced single was premiered on Drizzy’s OVO Sound show on Apple... Read More


Roy Wood$ - Drama ft. Drake [Stream]

Toronto artist Roy Wood$ has released Drama, a new CMPLX-produced single that premiered this past weekend on Drake‘s OVO Sound program on Apple Music station Beats One. The record also features Drizzy. This is... Read More


Watch Drake’s Video for “Energy,” It’s Amazing [Feature ]

While we wait for Drake's Views From The 6 album to be released through Apple Music, today Drizzy keeps fans happy by releasing the video for "Energy," the first set of visuals off of If You're... Read More


Drake Originally Thought Singing & Rapping Was the “Worst Idea” [Feature ]

The Drake we all know, the one at the very top of the hip-hop mountain, the one who can sells hundreds of thousands of copies of a mixtape, almost wasn't the Drake we all know. In the first episode of Obey Your Thirst, a... Read More


Take 2 Album Review: Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” [Feature ]

Two years ago, when Nothing Was the Same dropped, I called Drake a cheeseburger, and since then I've only grown more convinced of his cheeseburgery essence. While I'm fully aware that comparing Drake to a piece... Read More


Drake, The Co-Sign God, Plots His Next Blessing [Feature ]

In the days before DJBooth I wrote for a smaller, now dead blog, less editorials and more music posts, a digital life spent promoting the unknown that deserved to be heard. I would swim through an ocean of... Read More


Juicy J - Tryna F*ck ft. Drake & Ty Dolla $ign [Stream]

Albums and songs may leak, but Juicy J pays that no mind as he’s really just Tryna F*ck. To help hammer the point home, he’s called upon Drake and Ty Dolla $ign for assistance on his latest effort, a radio-ready,... Read More


Fetty Wap - My Way (Remix) ft. Drake [Stream]

With a certified hit in his back pocket, Fetty Wap is capitalizing on the success of his Trap Queen by releasing a remix for his latest single. My Way, a street banger produced by NickEbeats, now features a guest verse from... Read More


Drake - My Side [Stream]

Drake‘s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late caused quite the stir when it dropped out of the blue in February, and now the project is headed for a proper physical release on April 21. In addition to the... Read More


Drake & Future Embarking on Jungle Tour This Spring [Feature ]

Drake will be hitting the road in May for the Jungle Tour  along with Future in support of his new album/mixtape/mixalbum, If You're Reading This It's Too Late.  If you happen to live in one of the six... Read More


Nicki Minaj - Truffle Butter ft. Drake & Lil Wayne [Stream]

Unless you haven’t turned on a radio or left your house in the last couple months, you should be pretty familiar with the taste of Nicki‘s Truffle Butter. In response to it’s wild success, the Drake and Lil... Read More


Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Extended Version) [Stream]

Update: The Darren Craig-directed visuals for Big Sean’s Blessings single have been added. AND THE BLESSINGS JUST KEEP COMING!!! Just thirty minutes after Big Sean and Drake‘s banger of a collaboration hit the... Read More


Every Girl Drake’s Ever Mentioned in a Song Ever [Feature ]

(Art by WHIP, who's awesome and you should check out.) In hip-hop we hold certain truths to be self-evident: Illmatic is a classic, JAY Z is past his prime and Drake raps about women, a lot. I mean alot-alot.... Read More


Oh My God, If Drake Dies Is He A Legend? [Feature ]

Rappers are no strangers to hyperbole. I sincerely doubt Kendrick wishes his dick was as big as a national monument and we all know Makonnen is more likely to spend Tuesday watching How I Me Your Mother reruns.... Read More


Did Drake Mastermind His Escape From Cash Money With “If You’re Reading This”? [Feature ]

We knew it was coming. Countless nights were spent speculating, early birds became night owls, all waiting, hoping, that Drake would finally drop his mysterious mixtape. The internet loves to troll, fake covers floated across... Read More


Drake - 6PM in New York [Stream]

Just in case you happen to live under a rock, yesterday evening Drizzy Drake made the Internet explode by unleashing a brand new mix-album. One of 17 new records on the set, 6PM in New York seems to be a spiritual successor... Read More


1 Listen Album Review: Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” [Feature ]

A new Drake album is more than an album, it's an arrow pointing towards hip-hop's future. Whatever other titles we may or may not bestow on Aubrey Graham, he's indisputably hip-hop's most influential emcee.... Read More