Denon DJ X1800 Mixer Announced

By | Posted January 8, 2017
Denon DJ has just announced a new flagship player the SC5000, and a new flagship direct drive turntable called the VL12, so its only fitting...
Denon DJ has just announced a new flagship player the SC5000, and a new flagship direct drive turntable called the VL12, so its only fitting that they also announce their new flagship top-tier DJ mixer called the X1800. The new X1800 has four channels, on-board effects, dual-USB ports for easy changeovers, an OLED display for effects controls and more. The USB ports are not yet certified to work with Traktor or Serato, but this may come to pass sometime in the future. For now the new Denon Engine software will work perfectly with the X1800 and up to four SC5000 decks for a seriously powerful club-ready setup. We'll definitely get these in the lab for the review treatment soon enough so stay tuned. For now, check out the full press release and more info below.


4-channel digital mixer has superior sound quality, dual USB audio connections and Denon
DJ’s exclusive Sweep FX knobs that apply amazing effects to each channel

Cumberland RI, USA (January 9, 2017) —Denon DJ (, a leading manufacturer of

premium DJ products and solutions, today announced the introduction of their new 4-channel X1800

DJ club mixer with creative and powerful Sweep and BPM based FX controls. True to the Denon DJ

engineering heritage, the X1800 features extremely high-quality, 24bit, 96kHz audio output, ensuring

superb sound characteristics. The X1800 is perfectly suited to integrate with Denon DJ’s new SC5000

Prime media via the EngineTM Connect protocol. This shares the beatgrid and time information with the

mixer, from the player, to align the FX LFOs. Denon DJ’s expressive ‘Flex-Fader’, Crossfader adds

diverse physical performance flexibility, whilst the all-new frequency controlled ‘Band-Isolation’ brings

even more sonic manipulation possibilities to creative DJs.

The X1800 incorporates a comprehensive array of performance and convenience features that set it

well apart from ordinary mixers. Its dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls, deliver dub, echo, noise

builds and reverb effects for each channel, giving DJs even more performance options to craft a

unique sound. There is also Send and Receive FX routing. Add to this, the ability for DJs to express

themselves using more powerful, menu based EQ tools, with switchable ‘Classic’ or ‘Isolation’ modes

available plus a powerful Lo/Hi Pass Global Resonance control. Viewed via the crisp, OLED screen,

the main BPM FX unit has 12 high-quality effects and also includes a quick-to-set Effects Quantization

Touch Strip, empowering DJ’s to apply elegant rhythm-based adjustments to shape their sound to its

maximum potential.

In addition, the X1800 has dual USB audio connections to facilitate 3rd Party DJ software and perfect

DJ changeovers in the booth. MIDI-based effects and instruments can also be connected to the

X1800, locking in tempo-based FX plus other rhythm or synth based instrumentation. For unsurpassed

system expansion potential, there’s a 4-port LAN hub to connect up to four SC5000 players. Its

dedicated digital inputs and output (for mixing in pure 24-bit/96kHz when connected to the SC5000)

ensure the very highest audio quality—a must for demanding professionals.

Key Features:

• 4-Channel Digital Mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels

• BPM FX section with frequency controlled ‘Band-Isolation’

• Dual USB audio connections for software and audio devices.

• Dedicated Sweep and BPM FX Knobs — high-quality effects for each channel with a single

knob turn

• Expressive EQ – choose Classic or Isolation modes and an Adjustable Filter Resonance


• ‘Engine Connect’ protocol for beatgrid locked FX

• Expressive Denon DJ ‘Flex-Fader’, Crossfader

• Connect MIDI based effects and instruments

• 24-bit/96kHz digital output for uncompromised audio quality

• Crisp OLED screen for precise menu based adjustments

• (4) Digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing

• LAN Hub for up to four players or accessories

• Rugged metal construction

“The mixer is the most important part and center-piece of any DJs set up,” said Ross Goodwin,

Product Manager for Denon DJ. He added, “The X1800 Prime brings our legendary audio quality in a

familiar club friendly layout with new effects, more dedicated control and a connection with our SC5000

Prime media players that puts forth a fun and altogether highly integrated DJ experience.”

The Denon DJ X1800 has a U.S. retail of $1899.00 and will be available in Q1, 2017.

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