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The Denon DN-S3500 features a powerful direct-drive motor and customizable slipmats, giving it a feel that is almost identical to using a vinyl turntable.  Click below to read our review!

Staff Review

With the Denon DN-S3500 Denon's has created a CD turntable that improves on the rotating platter found in the DN-S5000 and the DN-S3000.  The DN-S3500's platter better simulates a vinyl turntable with a more powerful motor that goes from stationary to full speed within half a secord. This means that scratch DJs used to vinyl will feel at home with the DN-S3500 especially since it can be set to rotate at 33 and 45 RPM. This gives the S3500 a very life like feel and good reponse for complex scratches and cuts although we would have preferred a full 12 inch platter rather than an 8 inch one. However, Denon did go the extra mile by including both an adjustable brake speed and reverse mode, both of which involve the platter reacting as if it were a true vinyl turntable.

Priced between the S-3000 and the S-5000 the DN-S3500 sports many of the premium features found on Denon's other CD Turtables. Whereas the DN-S5000 features 2 samplers, the S3500 has a single 15 second sampler. It is easy to use and should suffice for most DJs. All the standard effects are available including Flanger, Filter (High, Mid, Low) and Echo. The Denon DN-S3500 also includes the "world's first" echo loop, but I personally don't see this being a huge benefit for DJs.

When it comes to handling digital formats such as MP3s the DNS3500 is extremely impressive. Not only canit read ID3 tags for Artist, Album, and Track, it also has a easy search function that allows you to find the file you are looking for withing seconds. Like the Pioneer's the Denon can store your favorite cue points for up to 5,000 tracks, but Denon ads the ability to store the BPM for each song as well. Best of all if you are in a time crunch (or just plain lazy) you can cue up a song to play next and tell the Denon to crossfade to the track after the current one finishes playing. This works even if both songs are on the same CD! This means that you could essentially DJ a party with a single CD Turntable (although I wouldn't recommend it).

We found the eject and play lock on the DN-S3500 to be a great addition, as I am sure we all have accidentally hit the eject or track advance buttons by accident during a set. If style is your thing, then you will appreciate the ability to personalize your DN-S3500 with a custom slip mat. Also, of note is the light at the bottom of the platter which will give visual indication that a track is about to end.

Overall, the Denon DN-S3500 is the most advanced CD Turntable we have used at the time of the writing of this review. Denon has included just about every useful feature found on competing models but has raised the bar with some world's firsts such as the Echo Loop and the next track function with automatic crossfade. The movement of the platter is nearly perfect, as Denon spared no cost making it respond as if it was a real vinyl turntable. We would have like a full 12 inch platter, but those used to an 8 inch plate should have no problems with it. The Denon DN-S3500 CD turntable comes highly recommended from

Initial rating for this item was 9/10, but due to new problems found on the unit;
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Features & Specs

  • High-torque direct-drive platter with a spindle to tweek the pitch
  • 7 onboard effects: echo, echo/loop, filter, flanger, brake, dump, and reverse
  • 15 second onboard sampler with sampler copy feature!
  • Next track reserve with crossfade
  • Full List of Features and Specs

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