Mixvibes Cross (2.0) Pack Digital Vinyl System Review

By | Posted June 25, 2012


The Mixvibes Cross Pack with Cross 2.0 Digital Vinyl System is a low cost, but full-featured alternative to some of the higher priced setups that are currently on the market.  The Mixvibes Cross Pack comes complete with everything the DJ needs to allow a DJ’s computer to connect to their mixer and external vinyl Turntables or CD decks.  Check out my full HD-Video review of the system inside to see if it’s right for you.

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Staff Review

Mixvibes Cross Pack & Cross 2.0 Digital Vinyl System Review Summary & Video:

Mixvibes Cross Pack Review Video

In my continuing bid to find some decent savings for DJ's all across the land, I ran into yet another "cheaper" Digital Vinyl Hardware and Software Package that will allow DJ's to use their external CD and Vinyl Decks in conjunction with their computer and audio files for playback. The Mixvibes Cross Pack comes bundled with the all-metal and super sturdy U46MK2 USB DJ soundcard and Cross 1.5 all for only $200. After the user installs Cross 1.5, you will get a free upgrade to Cross 1.7, and yet another free upgrade to Cross 2.0. The setup was rather easy when compared to other DVS setups... All I had to do was plug in all the appropriate RCA connections to the decks and the mixer and then plug in the USB cable to the computer after installing the software and all the preferences were already set to go. Also in the box DJ's will get the timecode vinyl and CD's necessary for external deck control. All the DJ needs is their computer and music files for mixing.

Mixvibes Cross Pack Unboxing Video

This is, without a doubt, one of the most cost effective Digital Vinyl Systems out on the market today. Even though the price is right, you still get great CD and Vinyl Timecode Control Response that is very accurate and very low-latency. You also get a full-featured Cross 2.0 software with 2-Decks of control, 8 Hot Cues per deck, 1 Effects per deck, 16 Sample Banks and a loop controller for each deck. There are about 15 effects in Cross 2.0, but you can only apply them one per deck at a time. Some of the advanced effects that EDM style DJ's need may be disappointed with the number of effects offered at a time. Cross 2.0 also has a built in recorder so you can record your mix and even load it into one of the sample banks for immediate playback. The browsing functions are easy to use and similar to the layout of Traktor. DJ's can also plug in any MIDI Mappable device in order to control basic functions like Cue Points, effects, playback, loops, browse, and loading. The MIDI mapper that is built into the software allows you to map lots of controls with ease. There is also a very long list of Digital DJ Controllers that are inherently compatible with the Cross 2.0 DJ software with a default mapping already there for use (see the list in the manufacturer's description).

The Mixvibes U46MK2 Hardware is made up of almost all metal and is very rugged and durable. The U46MK2 also has a headphone and microphone jack for users who do not use the system with an external Mixer with these features. Each input can be switched to either Line level or Phono level to accomodate for CDJ's or Vinyl turntables. The Mixvibes U46MK2 has a total of two inputs and three outputs. This allows the DJ to use two decks of timecode control and an additional output to connect the Sample decks to another channel on a mixer for example...There is also a Master output for recording and other functions. The only gripe that I could find with the U46MK2 soundcard is that it is rated at 16-Bit while the "industry standard" Serato and Traktor Soundcards are 24-bit. I didn't notice any issues with the sound throughout my use but it's worth pointing out that you may not get the same exact sound quality when compared to the higher priced DJ soundcards.

In Conclusion, the Mixvibes Cross Pack DVS system is a really good low-cost alternative to the higher priced setups that are currently offered. The DVS setup is complete with everything DJ's need right out of the box and there are lots of software features that DJ's have grown to love. The only gripes I could find with the system as a whole is that the U46MK2 hardware is 16-bit and the Cross 2.0 software has limited effects options. Other than that, the setup works very nicely and I would easily trust my paying gig's with this system. The Layout in Cross 2.0 is very easy to read and very simple for beginner or novice users. The Setup process was also very painless. I will recommend this setup to any DJ's who want to get their feet wet with a DVS application or any DJ who wants a backup/secondary DVS system that can still run stable on older computers. It's also a good option for DJ's who want to save a bit of cash but still get a good all around DVS solution.

-Complete Hardware (U46MK2) and Software (Cross 2.0) DVS Package
-Mixvibes U46MK2 Is built Solid (All-Metal)
-Excellent CD and Vinyl Timecode Response (Low Latency)
-Cross 2.0 Features (8-Hot Cues, 16-Sample Banks, Loops, & Simple Layout)
-Affordable Alternative DVS Solution

-Limited Effects (Only one per deck)
-Mixvibes U46MK2 (16-bit) is Slightly Inferior in Sound Quality
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Features & Specs

CROSS PACK - Specifications

Minimum System Requirements for PC
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7
We recommend Windows 7 or XP over Vista
Intel Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz or equivalent

One available USB port
Hard drive space for music

Minimum System Requirements for MAC
Mac OS X 10.4

Intel Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz or higher
One available USB port
Hard drive space for music

PLEASE NOTE: These are the minimum requirements to run CROSS PACK.
For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you buy a higher spec computer.
We also recommend Intel processors.

- 4-in 6-out USB audio interface
- 2 Phono inputs and 4 Line inputs
- MIC inputs with gain control
- +48V phantom power for condenser microphone
- Direct instrument input for electrical guitars (Hi-Z) with gain control
- 6 line level analog outputs with separate Mix outputs
- Headphone out with level control
- 4 channel recording and 6 channel playback at the same time – Full Duplex
- 4-in 6-out at 44.1 kHz, 4-in 4-out at 48 kHz
- Compatible with Microsoft® Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX
- WDM, MME, ASIO, and DirectSound support
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