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Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try It” Was Originally Meant for Big Sean

By DJ Z | about 58 minutes ago
"I’m thinking, ‘Okay cool, it’s going to be a Big Sean record.’"

Young Thug’s “Me or Us” Was Supposed to Feature Frank Ocean

By DJ Z | one hour ago
Let us all collectively sigh at the thought that this might have happened.

Kendrick Lamar Releases Stunningly Captivating “ELEMENT.” Video

By DJ Z | 3 hours ago
The latest set of 'DAMN.' visuals will be seared into your memory.

In Search of a True Breakout Debut, Young Thug Faces a Career Crossroads

By Yoh | 4 hours ago
Thug's problem is that even when the music is good, every project only feels like an appetizer before a main course.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Xavier Omär - Afraid (prod. by Bizness Boi)

Beat Break: Charlie Handsome Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs

By Andy James | 5 hours ago
Meet the "folk trap" producer behind Kanye West's "Fade," Post Malone's "Go Flex" and more.

JAY-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” Wasn’t A Reintroduction; It Was His Finest Moment

By Matt Wilhite | 6 hours ago
“Public Service Announcement” was not only the apex of JAY-Z's career, but the last time he had anything left to prove.
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More Lucky Than Bishop: Revisiting Tupac’s Misogyny Both On-Screen & Off

By Austin Williams | about 8 hours ago
If we celebrate the anti-heroism that made Tupac the perfect fit for Bishop, we can’t then ignore the misogyny that made him the perfect fit for Lucky.

Vince Staples is the Modern-Day Alfred Hitchcock

By Matt Wilhite | 8 hours ago
Vince Staples proves that the genius in art isn’t just what you choose to make, but in the process with which you make it.

The Internet’s ‘Ego Death’ Follow-Up Album Is “On the Way”

By DJ Z | one day ago
The fourth album from the GRAMMY-nominated group is coming soon.

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