Fredo Santana Defends His Own Personal Use of Xanax

By | Posted September 12, 2017
No amount of money or social media currency can cure the ills of anxiety and repeated seizures.
Photo Credit: Chris Valero

Over the past four years, Chicago rapper Fredo Santana has worked alongside Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and Childish Gambino, among countless others, but despite a sharp rise in popularity and acclaim, the 27-year-old cannot escape the reality of his health.

Unfortunately, no amount of money or social media currency can cure the ills of anxiety and repeated seizures.

Late Monday evening, in response to a photo of Atlanta rapper Russ sporting a shirt that reads, "How much Xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you're a fucking loser," Santana took to Twitter to explain why he takes Xanax, making sure to point out that his use of the prescription drug is not recreational. 

"Until I can stop thinking bout my dead homies and the trauma that I been thru in my life that's when I'll stop," Santana tweeted, adding, "It helps wit my seizures an anxiety, I'm prescribed by my doctor to take them."

In addition to Xanax, Santana also takes cannabidiol (or CBD), a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, including the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy.

Santana did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DJBooth.

From Florida rapper Lil Pump glorifying the drug as "wave" to Action Bronson opening up about his one-time, near-death experience, Xanax use (and abuse) has been a popular topic of discussion of late.

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