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Download DJBooth's new App, The PLUG Remember last year when Mac Miller, J. Cole and Kanye all released albums on the same day? That seems like ages ago doesn't it? Especially because it feels like we haven't had a blockbuster release in a minute. What was the last one? Schoolboy Q? Rick Ross? Even the stuff that has been released as of late hasn't been overwhelmingly amazing like any of those June 18 drops. Honestly, I've been pretty bummed about it. Not only are those albums great for pageviews, but they are also fun to talk about because it seems like everybody is interested.

Turns out I'm selfish and unappreciative; I've been so busy worrying about what RocNation or Interscope artist will drop an album next, I forgot that the best part about DJBooth is the surprisingly dope projects from those lesser known, yet equally talented, artists. Sometimes they end up being better than the big dogs. Well, this week, we have three projects from three artists that you may have missed, but are definitely worth your time.
WELL$ - MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher
Well$ - MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher

In this day and age, the internet makes it easier than ever to make music, which of course means quantity over quality. Still, it isn't all bad. Sometimes, a dope, yet unknown emcee, can be recognized when their work truly stands out, resulting in a rise faster than Usain Blot's 40 time. With seven features in the last year (and change) WELL$ has been making his name known, not just at the DJBooth, but the whole interwebs as well. Even DJ Dahi, someone who has worked with the likes of Drake and Schoolboy, has taken notice, producing "TNGHT*AFTRMDNGHT," one of the standouts from the entire project. If you favor flow over production, WELL$ has you covered there. His agile flow has a unique inflection or "bite" to it, which gives each track a unique flavor. He's come so far in just over a year, and now that he has a dense project like this one behind him, it could just be the beginning for WELL$.

Pell - Floating While Dreaming
Pell - Floating While Dreaming

Back in July of 2013, we featured DJBooth newcomer Pell and his stellar effort Ocean View 2.0. Well, it has been in steady rotation ever since. Seriously, I'm not blowing smoke here; it has been almost a year to date and I'm still listening to it. There is just something about his approach to a song. I still plan on Ocean View-ing it, but it might be less now that Pell dropped his full-length debut, Floating While Dreaming. What drew me into his DJBooth debut is also what stands out on Floating While Dreaming; his voice. Pell's interesting, sung-rapped flow is oddly intoxicating and it really allows his heart to shine through; you can hear the emotion in his voice. While the multimillion dollar emcees are great, they aren't exactly relateable. By the end of Floating While Dreaming you will find yourself not only digging the music, but rooting for Pell; this kid has so much heart and, of course, talent.

Caitlyn Scarlett - Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs
Caitlyn Scarlett - Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs

Without exaggeration, Caitlyn Scarlett's Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs may be my favorite project of the year. It has only been out for a few days, so I'm not calling it either way, but what I will say is that I haven't been this into a project right off the bat in a long time. Last month, Caitlyn made her debut with Bad Love and every passing day I have been dying for more. With each listen my excitement for the project grew, but that didn't stop her from blowing my expectations away. I dig "Bad Love", but I was a little worried her style might be too electronic for my liking. Well, for only a six track effort, produced in full by Ayo Beatz, the UK songstress showcases an arsenal of approaches that range from pop to R&B and Dubstep and even a little touch of grunge. Not only does the 18-year-old-have a voice beyond her years, but her songwriting is just as impressive. A break-up approved album, Scarlett gives insight into love and heartache that is more mature and advanced than most adults.

Who needs Kanye when we have these three? Okay I wont go that far. I'd still love some new Kanye, but that doesn't mean I'm not just as excited about this trio of upstarts. Pell, WELL$ and Caitlyn are all proof that you don't need a fancy studio or record label to make great music that people will love. As much as I'd love some big album, the best projects are always the ones that come from hungry, young up-and-comers like this trio. So next time you are starving for some new music, check out our featured albums section. You never know what "new favorite artists" you'll find.

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