Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” Album Leaked, Let’s Start Listening…

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You know what's crazy? On Saturday I was on a panel with Olaf Thomsen, who clears samples for UMG Publishing. Before the panel we were talking, I asked him what big projects he was working on, and he said that he was waiting* on Drake's "Nothing Was the Same". He was supposed to have it Friday, but at the last minute Drake decided to record through the weekend, so now he was just hoping to have it by Monday morning. 

Well...apparently Drake finished recording, because by Sunday night Aubrey Graham's third album was all over the internet like a Kardashian sex tape. Now, before we move on, let me say that to some degree I agree with J. Cole, first listen reviews are fucking up hip-hop. But let's be real; there's the release date, and then there's the leak date, and in 2013 it's the leak date that matters.

I learned during the "Yeezus" leak that posting the album so all of RefinedHype Nation could listen and discuss it was actually really dope. Over the days, as I listened and listened again, I found some comments really changing my mind, or at least making me think about certain songs in different ways. It's kind of like the internet version of listening to an album with all your homies and debating it.

So let's all crack up a drink or two (or a coffee if you're opening this in the morning) and get to listening and commenting. As I type this I literally haven't listened to more than the 30 seconds snippets as I was grabbing the YouTube streams, so I'll be starting fresh along with y'all.

Streams are below the tracklist, here's the pre-order link for those motivated to officially cop. You can listen in that handy-dandy player below. Enjoy, or what not...

UPDATE: "Nothing Was the Same' is now officially out. Buy here

1. "Tuscan Leather" 

2. "Furthest Thing"  

3. "Started from the Bottom" 

4. "Wu-Tang Forever"    

5. "Own It"    

6. "Worst Behavior"    

7. "From Time" (featuring Jhené Aiko) 

8. "Hold On, We're Going Home" (featuring Majid Jordan)

9. "Connect" 

10. "The Language"     

11. "305 to My City"

12. "Too Much" (featuring Sampha) 

13. "Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2" (featuring Jay Z)

14. "Come Thru" (Bonus)

15. "All Me" (Featuring 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne) (Bonus)

16.  "The Motion" (Featuring Sampha) (Bonus)

Is this a classic? Where does it place Drake on the "Rap Power Rankings>"? Is he worthy of a consensus #1 Rap Fantasy Draft pick? What lines will be turned into memes? We might as well start figuring this shit out now, have at it people...

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