Rap Quiz: Bet You Can’t Name That Album By The Tracklist Vol. 2

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We tried this last week and y'all seemed to love getting your rap nerd on. So, we figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Name that album...again!

To recap for those new, have you ever sworn you know a song by heart, only to realize maybe you don't know it when you tried to sing it without the real track playing in the background? That's sort of like this week's quiz; it seems easy, but I think you might have more trouble with it than you'd expect. The name of the game is simple: name that album.

So here's how the game works. I give you a tracklist to an album, and it's your job is to tell me which album it is. It might be a whole tracklist or just a section. Also, any title tracks have been removed so it's not so easy. 

Tracklist 1:
4. "Little Ghetto Boys"
5. "Deadly Melody"
6. "The City"
7. "The Projects"
8. "Bells of War"
9. "The M.G.M."

Tracklist 2:
8. "Under Ground Kings"
9. "We'll Be Fine"
10. "Make Me Proud"
11. "Lord Knows"
12. "Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude"  
13. "Doing It Wrong"  

Tracklist 3:
2. "Thinkin Bout You"  
3. "Fertilizer"  
4. "Sierra Leone" 
5. "Sweet Life" 
6. "Not Just Money"  
7. "Super Rich Kids"
8. "Pilot Jones"

Tracklist 4:
5. "I'm That Type of Nigga"     
6. "If I Were President (Skit)"  
7. "Soul Flower (Remix)"  
8. "On the DL"   
9. "Pack the Pipe (Interlude)"        
10. "Officer"  
11. "Ya Mama"

Tracklist 5:
13. "Keep It on the Hush"
15. "Get the Fuck Back"
16. "Freaky Thangs"
17. "Cold Outside"
18. "Block Lockdown"

Tracklist 6:
12. "Ken Kaniff"
13. "Drug Ballad"
14. "Amityville"
15. "Bitch Please II"
16. "Kim" 

Tracklist 7:
1. "Animal Instinct"
2. "Drop a Gem on 'Em"  
3. "Bloodsport"  
4. "Extortion"
5. "More Trife Life"  
6. "Man Down"
7. "Can't Get Enough Of It"
8. "Nighttime Vultures"

Tracklist 8:
8. "4:20"
9. "Let's Ride"
10. "The Glide"
11. "Kids (Skit)"
12. "Got To Have It"
13. "Say"

Tracklist 9:
8. "Blow Up" 
9. "Higher"  
10. "In the Morning"
11. "2Face"  
12. "The Autograph"
13. "Best Friend"  
14. "Cost Me a Lot" 
15. "Premeditated Murder"
16. "Home for the Holidays"

Tracklist 10:
5. "React"
6. "A Day at the Races"
7. "Remember His Name"
8. "What's Golden"
9. "Thin Line"
10. "After School Special"
11. "High Fidelity"
12. "Sum of Us"

So how'd you do? Harder than you thought, right? Per usual, let us know how you did in the comments; and if you gotta cheat on an online rap quiz, that's on you. In the meantime, keep studying those albums because filling your head with essentially useless rap facts is definitely more important than whatever else you are doing today.

Rap Quiz

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