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Fear, Exhaustion & One Artist’s Admission He Needs Crowdfunding Help

By Jason James | about 7 months ago
A lost job, mounting bills, one artist is determined to make his best music yet despite a world of setbacks.

“This Is Not the Internet”: Joe Budden, Pokemon Go & the Fading Real World

By Nathan S. | about 7 months ago
These Drake fans almost died because they rolled up on Joe Budden like he was a rare Pokemon. Thanks internet!

Lupe Fiasco & The Hidden Power of Fan Data for Artists

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
Lupe gets it. If you're an artist you're a business, and if you're a business, you need to know your customers.

How Apple Music Blew Up 6LACK’s “Problems”

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
One man at Apple Music pushed a button and took a new ATL artist from unknown to millions of streams.

Artists Aren’t Seeing Money From YouTube’s Huge Increases

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
YouTube's more than doubled its video views, but artists are barely seeing a dime more money. Here's why...

Pirate Bay Founder Tells the Harsh Truth About Music Streaming

By Yoh | 10 months ago
It took a pirate to truly make me realize just how easily streaming services could wipe away my entire music collection.

Fuck That: Apple Patents Automatic Music Censorship Technology

By Nathan S. | 10 months ago
If you thought radio edits are bad, just wait until you check out what Apple's working on.

Artists, Don’t Pay for Blog Posts. Blog Posts Are Dead

By Nathan S. | 10 months ago
Artists always hit us up asking if we accept payment for posts. We absolutely don't, that's a terrible idea. Here's why...
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