DJ Skizz ft. Jaysaun & Ripshop - Revenge

By | Posted March 25, 2014
dj-skizz-revenge Download
Artist: DJ Skizz
Track: Revenge
Producer: DJ Skizz

Typically, Revenge is a dish best served cold, but DJ Skizz‘s version of Revenge is hot as f**k! The beatsmith hammers out a gruesome, violin-driven beat that any rough-and-tumble emcee would be fighting to get on. Skizz deems emcees Ripshop and Jaysaun (of the Kreators)  worthy, and they more than prove it. Rip’s sharp, brash flow and Jay’s gravelly approach are a great one-two punch, and their hostility is only matched by their aggressive, merciless wordplay. Giving it that extra layer of grime are DJ LayZBoy‘s and his axe-murderer like cuts. There is no news on whether Skizz has any larger projects in the works, but those craving more can check out September’s Day in the Life.

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