Wriggly Scott ft. Feras Ibrahim & Sofia Portanet - Brainchild

Posted 4 years ago
Wriggly Scott
None (Promo Single)

Back in the B.C.‘s, before the Man Upstairs splintered the universal language into the many and diverse tongues spoken to this day (as the story goes, he was hacked off about the construction of the Tower of Babel), I like to imagine the ancient peoples conversing with one another via beatboxing and off-the-cuff freestyles. Why? Well, think about it—endemic as communication problems may be on today’s global scene, dope beats and rhymes are spoken worldwide. As yet more proof that hip-hop knows no borders, I present the latest promo single from Booth newcomer Wriggly Scott. On Brainchild, the British-born, United Arab Emirates-based beatsmith serves up a jazzy, boom-bap instrumental straight out of rap’s Golden Age as Sharjah-by-way-of-Sudan rhymesayer Feras Ibrahim comes with an equally timeless mix of tightly-wound lyrical poetry and fiery sociopolitical commentary. Berlin-repping hookwoman Sofia Portanet reaches even further back in musical history, channeling a touch of Billie Holiday on the chorus and outro. For more globe-trotting grooves and fresh guest features, check out Scott’s forthcoming, yet-untitled EP when it hits stores shelves and online retailers in early 2012.

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Posted 4 years ago

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