"Why You Always Lying?" The Internet's Most Popular Vine is Now a "Real" Song

MmmmOhMyGod, is it too late for a new song of the summer?

I give up.

I can't stop thinking about a song. It's never been featured on DJBooth, and you won't find it on the Billboard charts. It's not on The Weeknd or Travi$ Scott or Mac Miller's latest albums, it's not an insanely catchy Bieber hit, and it's definitely not from Drake and Future's fabled joint project (which may or may not exist). In fact, the song is only available in a version longer than 15 seconds as of yesterday.

Of course I'm talking about "Why You Always Lying," the latest Internet sensation by a man named Nicholas 'DownGoes' Fraser, and also my dark horse nomination for song of the summer.

How'd that chorus go again?

"Why the fuck you lying
Why you always lying
Mmm oh my god
Stop fucking lying"


How exactly did this video take the Internet by storm? Technically it was Fraser's Vine that went viral when it was posted a couple weeks back on August 29, featuring Fraser dancing in his back yard - complete with discarded toilet sitting around - and singing a parody of Next's 1997 hit "Too Close" while dancing around emphatically because really, what other acceptable response to a lying friend is there? Both the Vine and the slightly longer YouTube version spread like only a hilarious meme in 2015 can (swiftly taking down Sad Frog and "DO IT" as my favorite things this year) and just like that, a star was born.

What followed was coverage by Complex, Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and Complex again (complete with interview!), cosigns from Diddy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose and other such uber-famous names, and an ongoing cycle of continuous playback in my head. It was nearly impossible to look through social media without seeing the song quoted or someone using a picture of Fraser's face. "Why You Lying" even crossed over into real, non-Internet life (!), and by that I mean shit like this has been happening all over the country:

Yes, those are people in an actual club getting down and singing the words to a Vine video, and an actual DJ (I assume) providing the smooth sounds of "Why You Always Lying." Many were calling it the song of the summer, most likely ironically, but in 2015 he who wins the internet wins the day, and Mr. Fraser is today's winner.  

So now, we have a full length music video, complete with backup dancers, special effects ("Cue the rain!") and even more open-shirted, backyard-toilet, mmmohmygod goodness to enjoy. If you had asked me days ago I would have said a full version of the song would have been overkill, and yet it somehow only enhances the appeal.

This begs the question: could "Why You Always Lying?" be the song of the summer? I'll do you one better and give it my vote for song of the millenium...at least until the next hit meme comes out and I completely forget about this one.

Eh, it's the Internet.

[By Brendan Varan. He mmmmohmygod. Follow him on Twitter.]