Chance The Rapper Tweets His Personal Life is "Falling Apart"

We finally get an update on Chance's heavily awaited new album, but it comes paired with some troubling bad news.

It’s been almost three years since the release of Acid Rap and in that timespan Chance The Rapper has done plenty of rapping. 

He never disappeared or grew silent, but each new verse and collaboration only left listeners yearning for a new full-length project from Lil Chano. The rap world is anxious, very few albums carry the same anticipation as his third project.

He’s been extremely secretive, treating his next project with the same confidentiality as his daughter. Today, Chance tweeted that he’s halfway through with his project, the first real announcement that he’s made about this mythical album. It would be a reason to rejoice if the tweet ended there but he continued, switching from his music to admitting that his personal life is falling apart.

It reads like a tragedy, a great artist under intense pressures because of his life outside the studio. It’s easy to forget that there is a real life that is unfolding outside of recording in studios and performing on stages while we await an album.

We can start and stop listening to Chance The Rapper but he doesn’t get to stop being Chancelor Bennett. Chance is usually picture perfect on social media, rarely using the platform to express any troubles that are plaguing his soul. He has made the balancing act look easy but his recent tweet is a reminder that he also carries a heavy burden. Chance still has to deal with the hardships of adulthood and adjusting to being a father.

Even if his next album is a certified classic, he won’t ascend to the status of a God. Chance is a rapper, an excellent one, but he is also a human. Let's remember that as we continue to anticipate what he does next.  

By Yoh, aka Lil Yoh From The 404, aka @Yoh31.