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Chance, “Ultralight Beam” & How Music Gave Me Faith Without Religion

Thanks to Chance The Rapper, "Coloring Book" and Kanye, music has become my church. Read More
Posted about 2 days ago by Brendan V

Chance The Rapper Represents a Redistribution of Power in Hip-Hop

We’re seeing a major transition in how power is distributed in music. Is Chance the indie messiah? Read More
Posted about 7 days ago by Brent Bradley

Chance The Rapper Doesn’t Like Rap Competition, But It Will Find Him

Chance The Rapper has a mature view on competition in rap, but will that change as he becomes a superstar. Read More
Posted about 2 weeks ago by Yoh

Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch Chance The Rapper in “Unlimited Together”

Chance the poet and Nike make magic with a powerful new message for the power of unity. Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Brendan V

Chance the Rapper Got His Start Handing Out CDs to Fans

Chance didn't get his start through co-signs or come ups, he earned it traveling the city and passing out CDs. Read More
Posted 3 weeks ago by Nathan S.
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