Rumors of a New Childish Gambino Album Are False

The internet is blowing up with rumors that Gambino has a secret new album on the way!!! Unfortunately we confirmed that those rumors are false.

We're now coming up on two years since Childish Gambino's last project, STN MTN / Kauai, and it's been more than two years since his last full album, Because the Internet, so Donald Glover fans are becoming understandably anxious for new music from their eclectic hero. Unfortunately, new music doesn't appear to be anywhere in sight now that Glover seems to be completely devoting himself to his upcoming TV show, Atlanta

And so that's likely why the internet seized on even the smallest morsel of a rumor today when enterprising Reddit readers noticed that Andrew Dawson, a GRAMMY-winning mixer and engineer who's worked with Gambino before, has listed working on a forthcoming Gambino album in his discography. Could it be true?!? Could Gambino have secretly completed a new album that he was preparing to unleash upon the world at any moment. COULD IT BE TRUE?!?!?!?!

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Unfortunately, no, it's not true. I reached out to Dawson directly and he insisted that there is no Gambino album, the listing was simply a mistake and his discography has now been updated to reflect that. Sorry people, to be honest I hoped that I'd be writing this article confirming an album rather than popping everyone's album anticipation balloon, but facts are facts. 

"That was entered into Andrew’s discography as a placeholder by an intern at my old company and was never meant to be a representation of Andrew’s work (current or forward moving). The error has been corrected on Andrew’s website and we have nothing to report on the status or existence of another Childish Gambino album. Sorry for the confusion."

Of course, this likely won't stop some Gambino fans from believing Dawson is covering up an actually existing album, Gambino has actively trained his fans to look for conspiracy theories and hidden messages, but I'm certainly not prepared to doubt Dawson's word in the slightest. If he says there's no album, there's no album.  

For now the only thing we know for sure is that Childish Gambino seems thoroughly disinterested in being Childish Gambino the rapper and entirely focused on being Donald Glover the TV show creator.

Damn, oh well, back to listening to "Telegraph Ave." for the 9,000th time...

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via Instagram.]



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