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What Donald Glover & ‘Atlanta’ Taught Us About the Art of Nothing

By John Noire | 8 hours ago
We appreciate a show that isn't afraid to use the most ordinary aspects of life to tell extraordinary truths.
Tags: Opinion

Childish Gambino Declares Genres Dead: “People Just Want Quality”

By Brent Bradley | 5 days ago
Mr. Glover explains why it’s never been easy to put him into a box.
Tags: News, Opinion

Rise Up: Atlanta Is Finally Winning Big & It’s About Time

By Yoh | 3 weeks ago
The Falcons, Migos, Donald Glover—Atlanta is dominating entertainment.

Donald Glover, Migos & Hip-Hop Winning In Unlikely Places

By Andy James | one month ago
When Donald Glover gave Migos a shoutout at the Golden Globes, we all won.

How ‘Insecure’ and ‘Atlanta’ Soundtracked the Rhythm of Real Life

By Yoh | one month ago
Take away the music from 'Insecure' or 'Atlanta,' and both series lose the very life that makes them so relatable.
Tags: Opinion

From P-Funk to G-Funk to Childish Gambino: Why the Funk Never Dies

By Kareem Sheikh | 2 months ago
The New Orleans funk scene has long since lost its steam, but funk is more relevant than ever.

Donald Glover Reveals Music Release Strategy to Avoid Blogger Reactions

By Yoh | 2 months ago
Donald doesn’t care much about critics or bloggers, but more about how each individual feels about the music and overall art.
Tags: News, Opinion

Childish Gambino Flexes Vocal Range With Stirring “Redbone” Performance on Fallon

By Brent Bradley | 2 months ago
The performance is incredible, but those pants? Next level.

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