Chance The Rapper's New Album Is Dropping This Month

Let's freak out.

Like Paul Revere before the British invaded, I feel powerfully compelled to ride across these here internets proclaiming that Chance's new album is coming, Chance's new album is coming!

As Esquire first reported and the fine folks at Reddit pointed out, much of the talk about Chano's recent New York City performance has understandably been about his powerful rendition of "Ultralight Beam," but those in the crowd also heard Chance promise that his new album (or mixtape, free album, whatever) will be arriving this month. Let me repeat that. Chance's...new album....is dropping this month. Excuse me while I do my happy dance. 

Considering how high he's risen in hip-hop's ranks it's easy to forget that it's been almost a full three years since his last album, Acid Rap; while he was certainly an integral part of Surf, that was a Donnie Trumpet-lead collective effort. And considering how powerful Acid Rap still is and how much he's grown since then, this could without exaggeration end up as the album of the year. (And yes, I'm aware that Drake's Views should be dropping in April as well.)



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I've been in this game too long to trust a rapper's word when it comes to release dates—after all, Chance first suggested that the album would be dropping last holiday season during his SNL performance when he said, "Third Mixtape sliding down the chimney." But in this case, I just don't care about pragmatism. If I can't still get irrationally excited for a new Chance album, what am I even doing still working in music? 

So prepare yourselves, people, a new Chance album is on the way, and I have a feeling that it's going to be incredible.



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