Desiigner's "Panda" is a Bigger Hit Than Any Future Song Ever

The student becomes the master as Desiigner reaches a height Future never has.

What a time to be alive.

It was just a few weeks ago that people were first hearing The Life of Pablo and saying, "Oh shit, Kanye got Future on this song?!?!" Who we first thought was Future later turned out to be New York City rapper Desiigner, a mistake that launched a thousand memes but also launched Desiigner's career. According to the latest chart update, his "Panda" single has risen as high as number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is impressive in and of itself, but ironically also means that Desiigner has now out-charted any Future song ever. 

Really? Any Future song ever? Yes, really. "March Madness" may feel like the biggest song in the world if you live inside a rap bubble, but to the larger world, it was only good enough for #35. Similarly, "Fuck Up Some Commas" felt huge to us, but nope, that one topped out at #55. "Where Ya At" was a smash, right? Not particularly, #28. "Move That Dope" had Pharrell on it, maybe that snuck towards the top of the charts? Not really, #46. You get the point. 



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The one asterisk here is "Jumpman" with Drake, so far that has charted as high as number 12 and it's getting a new push after Taylor Swift rapped along to (a censored version of) it. "Jumpman" sales have increased over 400% since the commercial aired, but Drake's involvement isn't some minor factor. Musically "Jumpman" might be Future's song, but commercially it's Drake in the driver's seat. 

So the fact remains the guy who inspired a thousand poor man's Future memes has now topped the original version, at least when it comes to having a hit single. Not too shabby for a song that originally started with a beat Desiigner bought off YouTube

Art Credit: Teepublic



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