Chance The Rapper Premieres "Blessings," Announces #Chance3 Release Date

The Chicago native makes his fifth national television appearance of 2016.

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Chance The Rapper released his life-changing project Acid Rap

Thanks to Surf and The Social Experiment, “Ultra Light Beam” and his countless other memorable guest features, headlining festivals, random Soundcloud releases, a deal with the White Sox and his Open Mike Nights series, fans anxious for a new project have been plenty entertained.

As a result of a few ominous tweets and newly-released artwork, however, the release of the Chicago native's third project has felt imminent for the past six days. Luckily for fans, there won't be another Surf situation because this time next week, you'll be listening to Chance 3

Before Chano took to The Tonight Show stage to perform the project's lead single, "Blessings," host Jimmy Fallon announced that the tape will be released next Friday, May 13.

With the help of Jamila Woods, Donnie Trumpet, gospel singer Byron Louis Cage and a full church choir, Chance took a page out of his “Ultra Light Beam” book, continuing to center his music around religion, spirituality, and his new family.

It's always great to see hip-hop on a national stage, a place Chance has been no stranger to over the past six months, but it's hard not to feel a little extra pride in knowing that "Blessings" is the type of record that could reshape the minds of those who only view the genre through a narrow lens. Cough, cough.

Chance is breaking down barriers and opening eyes and ears, and that's far more important than any late night performance or release date.