Childish Gambino Returns With Mysterious App—New Album Tomorrow?

Gambino erased all his social media two years ago. Today, he returns with a mysterious 24-hour countdown clock.

Donald Glover has been seen on the big screen in movies like The Martian, The Lazarus Effect and Magic Mike XXL. TV viewers have seen his face recently as commercials for his new series, Atlanta, began airing a few weeks ago. But we have barely heard new music from Childish Gambino in over a year, and one place we haven’t seen him at all is social media - his Twitter, his Instagram, even his websites have been blacked out since December 2014. His silence has been eyebrow-raising, for someone who has utilized the internet to create his massive following, it was a surprise to see him completely disappear.

After two years of being M.I.A, Donald Glover has returned to Twitter.

His once blank, red avatar has been replaced with a rainbow pyramid that would make Pink Floyd proud. The picture is the logo for his application, Pharos Earth. His only tweet thus far allows iPhone and Andriod users to download the cryptic app. Once installed on your phone it will open to a gorgeous image that represents soaring through space. At the bottom corner is a timer that’s counting down with the word “Approaching” right above it. We have yet to crack how much time is left until the timer reaches zero, but thanks to some math wizards at Reddit we know we have just over 24 hours to wait. 

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The last time Donald had us waiting for a timer to countdown it was the unveiling of his music video for “Sober.” The same excessive fans who waited that night will likely be glued to their phones until something happens. Could this be a new album? The audio playing in the background seems to be a slowed down version of a song he played live last year, will it be that song? A new movie? Something that ties in with the alien narrative from his music videos?

There’s absolutely no telling. Donald has been silent for a reason and this could very well be the beginning of his return back into the internet’s all-seeing eye.

By Yoh, aka Midnight Observer, aka @Yoh31