Lil Wayne Proclaims "F*ck Cash Money" as Label Frustrations Mount

Lil Wayne is a prisoner to Cash Money and he isn't happy about it at all.

At the conclusion of his Lil Weezyana Fest in New Orleans this past weekend, Lil Wayne closed his performance by bellowing "Fuck Cash Money."

Wayne's open disdain for his current and longtime label home is nothing new - he uttered the same line during a performance in Denver in May and again in Phoenix in June - but his frustrations are clearly mounting.

Earlier this month, a judge pumped the breaks on Weezy's $20 million lawsuit against Universal Music Group, the longtime distributor of Cash Money Records, stating that his $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money would first need to be resolved. At the same time, Wayne is being sued for unpaid credit card debt and recovering from several health scares. While Birdman has publicly expressed interest in mending fences with his superstar recording artist, any reconciliation doesn't change the fact that Lil Wayne is a prisoner to Cash Money

Although it hasn't been easy, amid the restlessness of a fan base itching for Tha Carter V, Wayne has managed to stay relevant while battling Cash Money. Lesser artists would have seen their career buried under the stack of legal briefs that have crossed Wayne's desk. 

While no one, including Wayne and his lawyers, knows when any of these legal matters will be resolved, we'll gladly accept Holy Shit level records in the meantime. 


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram