Confused Panda: Desiigner Doesn't Know How He Connected With Kanye West

In a new interview the G.O.O.D Music signee has a hard time explaining how he connected with Ye.

Signing a record contract with Kanye West is a big deal. Just ask Big Sean, who still remembers the exact moment when he first connected with Kanye outside a radio station in Detroit. On the other hand, there's Desiigner, Kanye's newest signing, who in a new interview with 88 Rising could barely put into words that make up complete sentences how he first connected with West.

88 Rising: How did [meeting Kanye] come about?

Desiigner: I don't know, I can't even tell you. I was cookin up. I got the drop. Somebody gave me word. We out there and we movin. That's how it went. 

88 Rising: Just like that?

Desiigner: Just like that.

First, let's tackle this hilarious exchange. Desiigner begins his response by telling the interviewer that he cannot tell him how meeting Kanye came about but attempts to do so anyway. He then reveals he was notified that a phone call came through while he was "cookin up," which the interviewer failed to qualify as an act involving either veal parmigiana or drugs. Finally, without a proper bridge from beginning to end, Desiigner was suddenly working with Kanye.

In a February interview with The FADER, shortly after G.O.O.D. Music formerly announced his signing, Desiigner echoed a similar sentiment, explaining that the shock he experienced from Kanye's outreach essentially resulted in temporary memory loss. Unfortunately, it appears eight months later those memories haven't returned.

Despite being unable to remember the exact moment Kanye changed his life forever, Desiigner will have a hard time forgetting the events that have since unfolded. From his interpolation on Kanye's The Life of Pablo track "Pt. 2" to hit single "Panda" reaching No. 1 on Billboard, it has been a banner year for the 19-year-old, non-rapper from Brooklyn.


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