Every Rick Ross "Lemon Pepper" Lyric, Ranked (An Absurdly Detailed Investigation)

Rozay is a master of product placement in his rhymes.

By the end of 2015, it was reported that Rick Ross was the owner of 25 Wing Stop franchises, based mostly in the South, and when it comes to being in the public eye, Ross very rarely lets fans forget that he’s no longer just a rapper. He's out to buy back the block.

Recently, a fan on Twitter posed a question we didn’t even know we wanted the answer to—how many of Rozay's verses include a lemon pepper wings mention?

When Ross failed to get quantitative in his reply, we had to take matters into our own hands.

For your reading and listening pleasure, below you will find every Rick Ross “lemon pepper” lyric, in alpha order, ranked on a scale of one to four flats. What’s a flat? We’ll let Rozay explain that one.

Rick Ross - "Blk & Wht"

Lyric:Wing Stop owner, lemon pepper aroma / Young, black n*gga, barely got a diploma.

As far as Rozay’s declarations of chicken empire ownership, this one is pretty straightforward. While it might not be the most opulent brag we’ve ever heard from Ross, it holds a little more weight when you understand the financial requirements of having one Wing Stop franchise, let alone 25 of them.

Ranking: Two Flats

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Rick Ross - "Burn"

Lyric: "Major real estate, them Wing Stops must be doin' nice / Trappin' lemon pepper, got me movin' two a night"

One of the things that makes this whole lyrical chicken fascination so endlessly plausible is the storied metaphor of a chicken as a code for a kilogram of cocaine. This allows for endless double entendres of the trapping variety, which Ross clearly makes great use of here.

Ranking: Three Flats

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Rick Ross - "Buy Back the Block" ft. 2 Chainz & Gucci Mane

Lyric: "Yes I feed lemon pepper, angel wings with the feathers / If you feel like I feel, I pray you live Rich Forever

After hearing this lyric, I thought about what I’m doing with my life right now, and it’s amazing. I mean, I’m judging the artistic quality of lemon pepper chicken wing metaphors from a rapper that took his entire persona from a notorious cocaine dealer. I know this blurb was supposed to be about the above lyric, which is relatively dope, but I just wanted to say that life is really weird.

Ranking: Two Flats 

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Rick Ross - "Dope Dick"

Lyric: "Add that 10-piece lemon pepper all flat waiting for a young rich nigga, make sure valet know who it is

This is a Rick Ross “lemon pepper” lyric in the most basic sense, it’s Rick Ross mentioning lemon pepper wings on one of his tracks, but it’s in the outro and it’s more spoken word than anything. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence, but regardless, I’m including it, with a symbolic score of one flat. 

Ranking: One Flat 

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Rick Ross - "Elvis Presley Blvd (Remix)" ft. Yo Gotti, Project Pat, Juicy J, MJG & Young Dolph

Lyric:Lemon pepper now Louisiana rub, I let my top down, pussy niggas throw it up

This one is tricky. I mean, you have to give Ross credit for stuffing two flavors in one bar, along with room for a vague threat, but to be honest I'm not sure if the lyric is a) "Lemon pepper, not Louisiana Rub," which is what it sounds like and would make sense as Ross is telling us he prefers the lemon pepper flavor to that of Lousiana rub, or b) "Lemon pepper, now Louisiana Rub," which is quoted on Genius and would also make sense as Louisiana Rub is a more recently introduced flavor offering at Wing Stop compared to the more traditional Lemon Pepper (for example, first Wing Stop offered Lemon Pepper, now they also offer Louisiana Rub). And if it is the first option, should Ross really be dismissing other Wing Stop flavors, even if they aren't as delicious as his preference?

After a quick Google search, now I'm reading that Lousiana Rub is described as "capturing the essence of their three most popular flavors: Original Hot, Lemon Pepper, and Cajun." What?!? So the essence of Lemon Pepper is also in Louisiana Rub? My head hurts.

Ranking: Two Flats 

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Rick Ross - "King of Diamonds"

Lyric:Hoe, you better take notes—I spent ten on the paint / Waving at these bitches, and I know these n*ggas hoe-ish / Take your bitch to get lemon pepper in a new Lotus” 

There’s something innate in me that loves the juxtaposition of extravagance and the pleasures of the working man, and with this line, Ross just made me wax philosophical about wings. So I’m sold. His dedication to this theme is becoming more impressive, and more comical, with every song.

Ranking: Four Flats

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Rick Ross - "MC Hammer" ft. Gucci Mane



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Lyric:She thinking Phillipe’s, I’m thinking Wing Stop / Fiending lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked

A quick Google search leads me to assume Ross is referencing the now-defunct upscale Chinese joint Philippe in Miami in this line, which brings me back to my love of Ross’ love of good ol' comfort food in the face of wealth. Giving kudos for keeping it real is something I never thought I’d say to Rick Ross….but shit.

Ranking: Three Flats 

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Big K.R.I.T. - "New Agenda" ft. Rick Ross

Lyric:Smilin’ like I’m William 'The Refrigerator' Perry / 6 mill’ for the condo, that extra 2 for that terrace / All I want is that lemon pepper, but the flavors vary

While the actual lemon pepper reference might not hold a lot of weight, it does come at the end of a pretty solid bar from Ross. It’s also one of the few lines where Rozay seems open to any flavor but lemon pepper, so I don’t know if that counts as an introspective line, but it’s a side of Ross we rarely see as far as wing references go.

Ranking: Three Flats 

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Bleu Davinci - "Rich N*gga Walk Thru" ft. Rick Ross

Lyric: "A n*gga focused, I'm smoking lemon pepper / Just bought the black 7, I got the yellow leather

Okay, so not only is lemon pepper a straightforward reference to wings and sometimes part of a cocaine metaphor, it’s also being ascribed to weed strains now. The versatility of Ross’ lemon pepper game is at its peak here, but it’s in the midst of a sub-par bar.

Ranking: Two Flats

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Rick Ross - "Thug Cry" ft. Lil Wayne

Lyric:Came from the hood, ain’t nothing changed / Still lemon pepper on my motherfuckin’ wings

This is one of the more simplistic lemon pepper bars from the bawse, but it does point to a storied history of Ross’ obsession with the tangy wing dressing. Still, there’s not a whole lot of subtext or metaphorical value here, Ross just loves lemon pepper wings, straight up.

Ranking: One Flat

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Gucci Mane - "Trap Boomin" ft. Rick Ross

Lyric:When I hit a lick it I bought a Wing Stop (Twenty of em) / I sprinkle lemon pepper in that re-rock

Here we have some legitimate double entendre action, where Ross is courageously outing his Wing Stop franchises as a front for crack distribution. At least I think that’s what’s happening here. I don’t even know anymore, this dude uses “lemon pepper” like the Smurfs use “smurf.”

Ranking: Three Flats

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Rocko - "U.O.E.N.O." ft. Future & Rick Ross

Lyric: Bricks all in my blood, birds all in my dreams / Boats all in my yard, lemon pepper my wings

This is clearly not the line people remember from Ross on “U.O.E.N.O.,” but here it is in all its lemon peppery glory. Apparently, Ross still had wings on his mind when he was totally not condoning date rape. If you had just put the lemon pepper in her champagne, nobody would’ve cared, Rozay. 

Ranking: One Flat

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Rick Ross - "Wing Stop (Remix)" ft. Philthy Rick & Yowda

Lyric: "I need a ten-piece of lemon pepper / Don't hit my phone unless it's in a battle

Guys, the song is called “Wing Stop.” That’s the name of the song. This particular lemon pepper line is part of the damn hook. There’s no subtlety to this whatsoever, and that’s kind of what makes it awesome, but I can’t defend this from an artistic standpoint. Get your money, Ross. I can’t knock the hustle.

Ranking: Two Flats

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By Brent Bradley, who's favorite wing flavor is Thai Chili. Follow him on Twitter.

Art CreditZachary Rodheim



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