Joey Bada$$ on Upcoming 'A.A.B.A.' Album: "This Is Not Even Half of My Potential"

"I personally feel like I was put on this Earth to inspire and to wake people up."

Since Joey Bada$$ released his debut project 1999 back in 2012, it's easy to forget that the leader of Pro Era is only 22 years old. 

In an interview Tuesday (January 31) with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 program on Apple Music, Bada$$ reminded fans that, despite logging five years of experience in the game, he's still growing as an artist and is nowhere near his peak potential.

"This is not even half of my potential [on this album]," Bada$$ said. "I am only 22. I don't even know where I'll be at 25."

If material like the newly-released "Land of the Free" is only half of Joey's potential, fans should be ecstatic over the forthcoming arrival of Joey's first full-length project since 2015's B4.DA.$$

After a very long and trying opening month to 2017, now more than ever before, leaders of the next generation of hip-hop must not only strive for personal excellence and success but also be willing to take on the responsibility of acting as a voice for the voiceless and educating the masses.

According to the emcee, he's up to the task:

"I personally feel like I was put on this Earth to inspire and to wake people up."

In early November, Joey announced that A.A.B.A. would be "coming soon," but fans might have to wait a little longer than expected. During his conversation with Lowe, the Brooklyn native revealed that the album—which is complete—will follow the forthcoming release of Nyck @ Night, a joint project between Pro Era members Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight.



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