Kendrick Lamar Releases "The Heart Part 4," Listen Now

Surprise! Kendrick just dropped a brand new single.

After plenty of speculation throughout the day, Kendrick Lamar has released a brand new single—complete with multiple beat switches—entitled "The Heart Part 4." 

The song, which is the fourth installment in the TDE signee's popular series, is currently available for digital purchase via iTunes and for stream on Apple Music.

Four producers worked on "The Heart Part 4," including recent Beat Break guest Syk Sense, The Alchemist, DJ Dahi and Axlfolie.

“Me and my homie Axlfolie were making this beat out of Khalid’s voice and it just turned into a Kendrick vibe," Syk told our Andy James. "We sent it off to him and he was like, ‘yo, I want this.’”

According to Kendrick, we "have until April 7 to get our shit together." Well then, it sounds like that rumored fourth album is indeed on the horizon... 

Photo Credit: iTunes